Oculus Quest 3 Preview Featured

Meta is said to be working on a game card for Quest headsets

While all eyes are focused on the upcoming Quest 3 headset, the Meta isn’t quite done with its predecessor. We scored Quest 2 a full five stars in our review. But now, a new report suggests that the brand is working on a new feature to make gaming on a virtual headset easier than ever.

Inspired by Xbox, a recent report revealed that Meta is working on a Game Pass-like subscription for its headset. A prominent developer found references to a service called Quest Pass in the code of the headset’s Android app. Screens within the app introduce the new feature to users, explaining what it does and how to use it. At this point, the Meta hasn’t officially announced the game’s pass, and things could change. But it looks like Quest Pass is set to make its way to headphones soon.

As it currently stands, Quest Pass will include two new apps or games each month, starting once you sign up. You can retrieve and install these apps to start playing right away, or once your eyes adjust to the virtual world. However, you will lose access to game titles if you cancel your subscription to the service.

Meta’s Quest Pass doesn’t look quite as advanced as services like Xbox Game Pass, but it’s an interesting service for casual VR players. Provided you can hit the big titles, a new subscription could make the Quest 2 the perfect gaming headset.