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Weekly Poll: Poco X5 vs X5 Pro – Hot or Not?

Poco has updated its X series this week, launching two models this time – Vanilla and Pro. The latter has received a chipset more suitable for its professional title along with a higher-quality screen and a main image sensor.

Poco X5 Pro is the thinnest phone in the series at 7.9mm. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 778G and launched globally at $300/€300 for the 6/128GB unit, $250/€250 if you can get your hands on the early bird offer.

Weekly Poll: Poco X5 vs X5 Pro

The Poco X5 sticks with the Snapdragon 695 chipset that was used in the X4 Pro and downgrades the camera from 108MP to 48MP. As mentioned, the new Pro has camera improvements and features a 10-bit display with Dolby Vision.

Weekly Poll: Poco X5 vs X5 Pro

The vanilla X5 doesn’t get either of those things, but it costs less — the same 6/128GB memory configuration is $250/€250 (or $200/€200 with the early bird deal). The X5 and X5 Pro were launched in several countries earlier this week.

We have to note that the Poco X5 Pro is launching in India well with an MSRP of Rs 23,000 (and discounts are promised), and the first sale will be on Monday, February 13th.

Pricing info: Poco X5
Pricing info: Poco X5 Pro
Pricing info: X5 Pro in India

Pricing info: Poco X5 • Poco X5 Pro • X5 Pro in India

So, let’s start with the Poco X5 Pro. After reading our review and watching our video review, do you think this is the right mid-guard for you? Vote below or using this page.

And what about the vanilla Poco X5? We reviewed it earlier this week, and we also reviewed the video. Is the X5 worth saving or would you prefer the X5 Pro? Vote below or using this page.