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ReplyCube is a new extension for Apple Mail for quickly handling reusable responses

The folks at Funn Media, creators of popular apps like Calory and WaterMinder, have launched a new app called ReplyCube that takes advantage of the extension support in Apple Mail. The app aims to speed up email management by letting you create reusable messages, commonly referred to as “canned” messages, and then access those messages directly from the Compose window in the Mail app.

How ReplyCube uses Mail app extensions on Mac

Apple initially added support for Mail app extensions with macOS Monterey. Unfortunately, adoption of the feature has been very slow, especially compared to Safari extensions. However, ReplyCube uses support for mail extensions on Mac to its advantage.

ReplyCube is based on a standalone application, where you can create and manage reusable email responses and text snippets. The app allows you to create messages and filter to view specific types of messages and organize them across different categories. ReplyCube’s built-in text editor supports standard formatting options, as well as support for images and files.

ReplyCube’s standalone app is simple for a reason, as its primary purpose is to create and manage these ready-made responses and categories.


However, where ReplyCube really shines is in the Mail app extensions. This is where you will most commonly interact with ReplyCube.

To enable the ReplyCube extension in the Apple Mail app on your Mac, simply click the “Mail” heading in the menu bar, then click “Settings,” then “Extensions.” You should see ReplyCube listed in the sidebar, and you can select the check box to enable it. Now, you should see a ReplyCube icon at the top of the compose window when you send or reply to an email.

Clicking the ReplyCube icon brings up a detailed view of the canned responses you’ve created in the standalone ReplyCube app. There are two ways to add one of these templates to your email. First, you can click the Copy icon and then manually paste the response into the Mail app’s compose window. You can also pull a reply from the ReplyCube pop-up directly in the Mail app’s compose window.

ReplyCube also includes apps for iPhone and iPad. These applications allow you to create and manage canned responses; You can also copy and paste those responses from the ReplyCube app into the Mail app. The Mail app on iPhone and iPad does not support extensions, which is why you have to use the standalone app to copy and paste your responses.

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I’m a huge fan of Funn Media apps, and ReplyCube is an excellent new utility for Mail app users. Not everyone needs something like this in their workflow, but if you’re someone who does, ReplyCube is a great way to speed up email management. Other email platforms like Gmail offer similar features built in, but ReplyCube brings the functionality to Apple Mail.

Funn Media, for example, says its motivation for creating ReplyCube was to help manage customer support responses. The company can now store the most popular canned responses in the MailCube and easily access them from the Mail app extension.

I can actually think of multiple ways I would implement ReplyCube into my workflow. Quick access to these types of canned responses can help me manage editorial presentations as well as sponsorship and administration inquiries. Not only will ReplyCube make it easier to reply to these messages, but it also means I’ll be able to respond to more emails that I may have previously ignored.

ReplyCube is available in the App Store as a free download with a seven-day trial. From there, the app uses a subscription model of $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year. If you’re the type who can save a lot of time with ReplyCube, you should easily see a return on that subscription investment.

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