Samsung Galaxy S23 price, features, availability and more

Times of India | Feb 02, 2023 at 00:30:22 IST

Samsung held its first big event of the year – Galaxy UnPacked 2023. The company announced its flagship Galaxy S23 series and GalaxyBook3 laptops at the event in San Francisco. The Galaxy S23 series includes the Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23+, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung GalaxyBook 3 models include GalaxyBook 3 Pro, GalaxyBook 3 Pro 360 and GalaxyBook 3 Ultra. All three GalaxyBook 3 laptop models have a 3K display and run on chipsets from Intel and Nvidia. The most powerful of the three laptops is the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, which is also the first time the Ultra brand has come to Samsung laptops. Coming to the phones, all three phones are powered by a globally customized version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 2 chipset. The camera is the main focus of the three phones. The S23 Ultra brings 200MP to Samsung phones. The S23 series phones come with new OIS and AI camera improvements; New Image Processing Algorithm Astro Hyperlapse and Nightography. Here are the main points of this event.Read less