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Huawei will build the industry’s first digital robot together with China’s national pharmaceutical manufacturing group Sinopharm. This is a brand new advance made by the Chinese tech maker to fuel its growth in digital robot technologies.

In 2019, Sinopharm started to explore digital robot technology. Several subsidiaries have carried out more than 200 business operations. There are problems such as scattered business scenarios, the inability to share bot resources, and inconsistent business operations. In order to solve some problems in the early test, open resource sharing, standardize and improve business processes, and realize deep integration digitization of processes and businesses.

In 2022, Sinopharm cooperated with Huawei’s digital robot team and Huawei partners. This partnership focuses on key points such as customers, data and business elements, business process sorting, planning and building the first digital robot competency center platform in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Relying on the large-scale application capabilities of Huawei’s WeAutomate digital robots and mature product capabilities, Sinopharm has built a digital robot capability center platform that can meet the automation application needs of thousands of group companies.

After the launch, all Sinopharm Holdings subsidiaries can share common technology in business operations, and share digital robot resources in a unified and condensed way. In addition, Sinopharm’s digital robotics competency center can fully support group joint situations and subsidiary companies’ personal scenarios.

The common scene process is created uniformly by the headquarters and can be used by all subsidiaries. On the one hand, the custom scene process is customized and shared by the branch company.

In the future, Huawei’s WeAutomate digital robot will continue to provide technological advantages and help Sinopharm promote general scenarios of digital robots to all subsidiaries. On the basis of realizing digital robot resource sharing, it will simultaneously make use of the innovation capabilities of branch companies to meet business needs.

Huawei’s digital robot implementation process is also the process of normalizing and standardizing the overall scenarios of the subsidiaries, promoting the optimization and standardization of Sinopharm’s business operations. After the launch of the Sinopharm Digital Robotics Competence Center, the efficiency of online robotics business scenarios can be increased by up to 25 times, and the average efficiency can be increased by more than 10 times, effectively releasing the digital momentum.

Sinopharm Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded. was incorporated in Shanghai in January 2003 and listed in Hong Kong in September 2009. It includes two A-listed companies, Sinopharm Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Sinopharm Accord Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. With a total of more than a thousand subsidiaries.

Now it has become a leading distributor and retailer of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products and medical devices in China, as well as a leading supply chain service provider. Sinopharm ranked 22nd among Fortune China Top 500 Companies in 2021.

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