Smartphone sales in China for 2022 fell to their lowest level in a decade

Smartphone sales in China for 2022 fell to their lowest level in a decade

ChinaSmartphone sales suffered a record low in 2022, plunging 13% to a decade low as Covid controls and a slowing economy sapped consumers’ appetites, data from third-party research firms showed.

The total number of devices shipped was 286 million, down from 329 million in 2022. It was the lowest sales volume since 2013, and the first time since then that annual sales have fallen below 300 million, according to the IDC report.

Strict controls over Covid-19 hit the Chinese economy hard last year, but Beijing began dismantling restrictions in December, which boosted consumption.

“The lack of strict control over the epidemic has led to high household savings throughout history as consumer spending has become conservative,” he said. Lucas Chungwhich tracks the smartphone sector in China for research firm Canalys.

Android phone maker Vivo was the best-selling brand in 2022, with a market share of 18.6%, according to IDC. Its total shipments fell 25.1% year-on-year.

Huawei Technologies subsidiary Honor was the second best-selling brand, with shipments growing by more than 34%, albeit from a lower base.

an Apple Inc was the third best-selling phone brand in 2022, tied with Apple Inc OppoUp from fourth place the previous year.

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Apple’s overall sales fell 4.4% year over year, according to IDC, while all other competitors except Honor saw sales decline in double digits.

Overall, the decline in smartphone sales in China mirrored the sector’s performance globally. In 2022, global smartphone shipments reached 1.2 billion, the lowest level since 2013 and an annual decline of more than 11%, according to IDC.

A separate report from Canalys published on Monday said that in the fourth quarter of 2022, Apple sold 16.4 million devices, down 24% year over year. This compared to a 37.3% decline in shipments Xiaomi Honor fell 14.1% during the same quarter.

This is the first time that Apple’s shipments have declined year-on-year in China since early 2020, when the first wave of Covid-19 swept the country. The downfall was caused by an earlier version of the latest one Iphone Chain In addition to labor unrest at its maker Foxconn’s main plant in Zhengzhou that affected its supply chain, Canales said.

Canalys added that Apple remained the best-selling phone maker in China in the quarter, recording record market share.