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BT:EE delivers 5G connectivity to the London Underground for the first time.

  • EE brings 5G to the London Underground, with Archway, Notting Hill Gate and Tufnell Park stations the first to benefit
  • The arrival of 5G comes just weeks after 4G landed on the central and northern lines for the first time
  • Coverage is provided in partnership with BAI Communications, linking EE’s high-speed mobile network to BAI’s tube-level infrastructure

February 2023

EE customers can now enjoy 5G connectivity on the London Underground, with the high-speed network covered directly at three stations – Archway and Tufnell Park on the Northern line, as well as Notting Hill Gate on the Central line.

As well as continuous 5G coverage from ticket hall to platform at all three stations, 5G is also present within the tunnel sector at Notting Hill Gate and the same will soon be true of Archway and Tufnell Park. This will enable passengers to communicate with friends and colleagues or stream content without interruption.

In December 2022, these three stations were among the first to pass beyond the eastern half of the Jubilee Line to take advantage of EE’s 4G coverage. The arrival of London’s best 5G network* is the next significant step in the operator’s plans to spread mobile coverage across the entire London Underground network. , as well as the Elizabeth line, by the end of 2024.

5G will be extended to the tunnels surrounding each station in the near future as part of the ongoing rollout of EE and BAI, which will also see both 4G and 5G reach a host of new stations throughout 2023 and beyond.

5G not only offers faster speeds to customers, but also more capacity when layered on top of the simultaneous deployment of 4G, which will prove invaluable – especially during busy periods such as morning and evening peak hours.

BAI’s innovative multi-carrier network connects London Underground stations and tubes with each other and with the outside world. EE’s mobile network then connects to BAI’s infrastructure via bases from Nokia’s AirScale wireless access portfolio, ensuring immediate and continuous mobile coverage for customers. Nokia supplies and installs equipment, activates and validates the infrastructure for EE mobile services.

With compact and easy-to-deploy form factors, AirScale radios and baseband units are designed to meet various deployment needs. The core equipment powered by Nokia’s unique ReefShark System-on-Chip (SoC) enables high-performance 5G services.

Greg McCall, Chief Network Officer, BT said: “We are proud to bring 5G coverage to the London Underground for the first time, and maintain our position at the forefront of what is a hugely important and transformative project for the city. It is also further evidence of our ambition to deliver 5G connectivity anywhere in the UK by 2028, as we continue to make significant progress In our efforts to build an unbeatable 5G network.”

Theo Blackwell MBE, Chief Digital Officer, London, said: “It is fantastic to see ultra-fast 5G mobile connectivity now available in a number of Tube stations, proving that the latest technology being installed across the network is indeed pro-future and adaptable to the next generation of mobile phones.” The Mayor has committed to Londoners that we We will deliver 4G via the Tube Network as part of his determination to build a better London for all, and today marks the latest step forward as we work to improve digital connectivity at home, on our high streets, public spaces and across the transport network.”

Phil Siveter, UK&I CEO, Nokia, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen as EE’s primary network provider for this important project which will provide excellent 5G connectivity for commuters on the world famous London Underground. We have worked alongside BT for over a quarter of a century and are proud to be the largest provider of equipment and services. The scope of this project will include Providing coverage across tunnels, platforms and stations is another important step forward in the digitalization of the UK economy.”

*Ratings are based on RootMetrics® UK and metro RootScore® reports: H2 2022. Tested with the best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. RootMetrics® Award is not an endorsement of EE. Reports at Visit for more details.