The Oppo Find X6 may be the next phone with a 1 inch camera sensor

Oppo Find X6 may be the next phone with a 1-inch camera sensor

This is it Oppo Find N2 on the cover photo, for illustration purposes.

good , Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event is the talk of the town. We are all excited to see the next series of The flagship Galaxy S23, but other upcoming phones are also there. It is always worth noting that the aforementioned phones are rumored to have 1-inch sensors to align with the Galaxy S23’s approach to the phone’s cameras. Weibo (source translated) And according to the leaker, Oppo Find X6 is coming. Scratch that, there are actually three of them coming and at least one is listed in this post as having a 1-inch sensor.

Now, hold your horses for just one moment. Before we get to the phones themselves, let’s take a look at what makes the 1-inch sensors so special. Although the name does not represent the actual physical size, the Type 1 sensors are by far the largest on any phone. A larger sensor can collect more light and information when taking shots, so it doesn’t technically need to rely on computational photography as much.

TL permission; DR: Bigger sensor = sharper, more detailed image.

Well, back to the Oppo Find X6 series of phones. Allegedly, sometime in February, the phones will go official. The series will consist of a basic phone, and then two professional smartphones.

Here are the main differences between the models:

So, at first glance, all the phones have the same 50MP triple camera array, right? right. But sensors may be different across models. As such, the 50MP main sensor of the larger Pro version is listed to be with a 1-inch Sony IMX989. This could make the Oppo Find X6 Pro-Pro a serious competitor for 2023 The best camera phones, but let’s wait until the first one comes out.

Other than that, besides the obvious differences like unit size and battery capacity, all three versions are claimed to have different processors. the The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 makes sense for the base model, as it’s still a great performing processor, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 makes perfect sense for a higher-end phone. But what about the middle version Pro which is equipped with Dimensions 9200 SoC? Well, it’s a relatively new chip, as of November 2022, and while we don’t see it in many Western phones, it’s still a solid piece of silicon.

In the review: The final image quality depends on many things. It’s not just the number of MPs or the size of the sensor, it’s also the quality of the lens, how much your hands shake, and is there enough light where you are to begin with. Right now, it seems like we’re seeing different manufacturers race to prove that either technology is superior, while personally, we can’t wait for computational photography to meet large image sensors.