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vivo X series – delivers premium flagship smartphones with the best photography and gaming experience

vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, introduced its first X series smartphone in 2012. For 10 years, the brand has expanded its portfolio at a rapid pace. The launch of one of the best flagship series of smartphones, which is at the forefront of technology, has made vivo one of the leaders in the smartphone industry.

Through its collaboration with ZEISS, vivo has been able to make huge leaps in camera technology innovation and introduce a series that upgrades the overall benchmark of the photographic industry in Pakistan.

King of HD phones

The success of the vivo X series is also evident on a regional level as the latest X80 model was launched in Pakistan recently. With the launch of the X80, vivo has advanced its vision of providing rich features to the consumers.

Based on Vivo’s long-term development philosophy, the X series has successfully transformed from a dark horse into a market leader.

After ten years of challenging with fierce market competition, vivo X series has become an industry benchmark and helped vivo grow into a leading brand. In 2021, vivo topped the ranking of smartphone shipments in the Chinese domestic market and became one of the top five brands globally.

The new vivo X80 flagship phone became the top model in the high-end price segment with a share of 23.5% with double the sales volume of the second-ranked phone model. Despite the bad market environment, vivo X80 not only withstood the downturn in the market, but also won wide recognition, thanks to its various technological innovations and new features.

vivo is constantly exploring user needs, maximizing product performance, and creating unique advantages, both from a hardware and software perspective.

Addressing user pain points

Solving user weaknesses requires a brand to build a real relationship with its users. To penetrate the high-end market, the brand must also break through the limitations of homogeneity and address the user’s pain points in a unique and effective way.

In 2021, vivo launched the X70 series which featured vivo’s proprietary V1 imaging chip – creating a precedent for Dual-Chip Flagship phones. In 2022, vivo introduced the X80 series which was equipped with the V1+ chip, a second generation standard chip developed in-house by vivo, which enabled the product to offer quite a few exclusive and innovative features – providing a more rewarding product experience for users.

The technology offered by the X Series is undoubtedly at the forefront of technological advancement in the industry. vivo puts the standard of photography, photography and videography within the reach of users. Since its inception in Pakistan, the series has been at the top of consumers’ lists of smartphone photography and videography.

Through continuous evolution of innovation and technology, today’s X Series introduces technology such as Active Centering OIS System + 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization. Center-set Active Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) maximizes the stabilization range for each frame, so every video is smooth and clear. Even when the target is spinning in extreme sports, the 360° horizontal stabilization works its magic to keep the image stable. Activities such as walking, jogging, parkour or even skydiving can be captured and documented with perfect stability with the X Series.

The vivo X series is also equipped with the latest version of vivo imaging chip – vivo V1+ Chip which has a built-in AI system for professional-level visual improvements.

The X series is not only for camera enthusiasts, but also for consumers from all walks of life and helps them pursue excellence. vivo, with its consumer-centric approach, understands consumers’ pain points. The real problem for gamers is the heavy load on smartphones while playing top notch games. To solve this problem, vivo has developed a cutting-edge technology – Super Precision Gaming AI. This feature can compress high-resolution game images with heavy loads to reduce stress on the CPU and GPU, and improve image quality through AI algorithm.

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For fashionistas, there is an inherent need for a smartphone that is not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically pleasing. The X Series is a fashion statement with its stunning design. It retains Vivo’s signature futuristic style but with a hint of mystery and elegance added to it.

Delving into more aspects of design, the unique Cloud Window 2.0 balances a round camera on a square panel that delivers elegance and style like never before. Moreover, Fluorite AG glass provides a perfect grip and handheld experience with no fingerprint smudges.

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Since the beginning of the X series, vivo has launched many smartphones. X Series strives to meet consumers’ needs and satisfaction. This flagship series provides the ability to turn any ordinary individual into a professional photographer and cinematographer with its technology and wide range of features.

vivo is overwhelmed with the sentiments of support and love shown by the people of Pakistan for the X series. With this in mind, vivo will continue to explore the technological world of smartphones to provide consumers with the latest technology to elevate their lifestyles.