new patent suggests that apple could bring a foldable iphone with a self healing display in the future

A new patent suggests that Apple could in the future bring a foldable iPhone with a self-healing screen


  • an Apple He patented a foldable device with a self-repairing screen.
  • It can use elastomer, an elastic material that regains its shape when heated.
  • This technology can be integrated into iPhones and watches.

Apple’s interest in foldable technology is evident, as the tech giant was recently awarded several patents related to the technology.

Latest patent granted by US Patent and Trademark Office, reveals an idea for a foldable smartphone that includes a healable screen cover, allowing the device to repair scratches or scrapes covering the screen. This patent could address one of the main concerns with foldable devices: their durability and fragility. Also, this technology can be used in the upcoming Apple iPhone and watch.

The patent relates to a display, which consists of multiple layers, including a flexible substrate, a thin-film transistor, and a protective layer. This protective film is designed to prevent cracks from cracking in the flexible substrate, which is the most susceptible to damage part of the screen. The self-healing technology will allow the screen to recover from small scratches, which is another common problem with foldable devices.

In the patent application, Apple writes that the foldable self-healing device can automatically activate when the device is charging. It will use light, heat or electric current to fix the protective film over the screen. The patent application also says that the device’s display cover may include a layer of elastomer that can lose and regain its shape to protect the device’s delicate inner workings.

Reincarnation of self-healing technology

Self-healing technology was seen in one smartphone, LG’s G Flex released in 2013. The device had a self-healing back cover to repair minor knife scratches. Now, Apple is experimenting with the same technology, improving it ahead of its potential launch Foldable iPhoneSeveral tech companies, including Oppo and Samsung, already make different styles of foldable phones, but Apple’s self-healing feature will add a unique touch to your foldable iPhone.

There is no news that Apple will launch a foldable phone with self-healing materials soon. But foldable phones are something Apple has been toying with for years.

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