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A leak about the upcoming iPhone 16 leaves the iPhone 15 Ultra in a bad spot

iOS users have been waiting for months for the arrival of the new Apple phone, iPhone 15which already knows many details, such as it will be The first Apple-branded cell phones to feature a USB-C portsomething the company would have done just to comply with European laws.

However, a new leak not only reveals the long-awaited feature that the iPhone 15 will offer (at least one of the models), but also mentions iPhone 16which will receive the same benefit (albeit at a longer time, unsurprisingly).

A leak about the upcoming iPhone 16 leaves the iPhone 15 Ultra in a bad spot

“Buy the expensive model or wait.”

as an analyst Ming Chi Kuo It has been leaked that this year Apple will launch a new foldable zoom or “periscope” on the upcoming iPhone 15 models. leak that he endorsed electricity The website, also confirms that this new camera will be exclusive to the larger 15 Series model which is iPhone 15 Ultra (formerly Pro Max).

The website specifies that iOS users who want to try this new camera are a must Buy the top (and most expensive) model From the iPhone 15 or wait for the next batch of Apple phones, the iPhone 16. That is, those who want to get the smallest version of the upcoming iPhone 15 will be left wanting or will have to wait for the launch of the iPhone 16, Scheduled in 2024.

The new camera, which bears some similarities to that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultrathe current flagship of the Korean company, will significantly improve the quality of photos taken on the iPhone, allowing Higher magnification without loss of resolution. Samsung mobile is allowed Up to 10 magnifications with optical zoomsomething out of reach at the moment for Apple’s iPhone 14, limited to 3.

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Apple’s next camera can not only zoom in with great image resolution, but also You will also do so with more liquidity. This is because its physical mechanism will allow the internal components of the lens to move faster and more smoothly. Thus reducing dependence on mobile digital processing When merging multiple lens shots.