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Samsung TV Plus could come to other TVs, starting with TCL

Samsung’s TV Plus live streaming app may soon be available on TVs from other brands. The app provides free access to live channels and popular shows.

Samsung TV Plus could be coming to non-Samsung TVs, starting with TCL’s lineup. Samsung TV Plus is a free streaming service that comes with Samsung Smart TVs and even some of its Smart Displays. The streaming service offers a mix of live TV stations as well as on-demand TV shows and movies. Unlike other popular streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix, Samsung TV Plus does not require a subscription. Users don’t even have to create an account to use it. However, there are ads, just like live TV.

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Samsung is said to be in talks with other TV manufacturers, including TCL, to pre-install the Samsung TV Plus app on their TVs. This way the user base of the service can grow. Information reported at Janko Roettgers’ low pass Newsletter (first spotted by the edge) in which he revealed that Samsung is already in talks with some of its competitors in the TV market. While Roettgers mentions that TCL is one of the TV brands Samsung has spoken to recently, it’s unknown if the app will ship with TCL’s 2023 smart TV lineup, since there’s no official confirmation from the brand yet.

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Samsung TV Plus has hundreds of live TV channels

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For a service founded in 2015, Samsung TV Plus isn’t bad. Samsung provides as many as 1,800 live TV channels, of which only 500 will be added in 2022. US-based streamers can watch more than 200 channels, and according to information provided to investors in 2022, it has 17.4 million active monthly users in the region. By bundling the app with TVs from its competitors, Samsung can reach more users.

Previously, users needed a Samsung TV to watch Samsung TV Plus, but in 2020 it brought the service to smartphones and tablets before launching the web version in 2021. So technically, users of non-Samsung TVs can stream Samsung TV Plus on their TV if they have a browser installed. However, the app should provide a better experience. Speaking of which, Samsung TV Plus recently received a visual makeover that includes a dark theme. Samsung also added new and popular offerings such as maximum speed And NCIS.

Before Samsung decided to partner with other brands for its TV Plus app, it reportedly tried to get them to license some of its exclusive channels in which it had invested millions of dollars, but it didn’t work out. Meanwhile, the company has already licensed Tizen OS to other brands in select countries. With that said, it can still bundle the Samsung TV Plus app withSamsung Televisions and TV boxes.

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Source: LowPass, The Verge