samsung offering indians 5g smartphones for rs

Samsung offers Indians 5G smartphones for 44 rupees per day


Samsung has launched several 5G phones in the Indian market since 2020. Now, as Indian telecom operators launch 5G networks for customers across the country, the demand for 5G phones will increase. To serve the market so far, Samsung has several options in different price ranges. One of the biggest things that the company does for its customers is that it allows them to get a 5G smartphone for just 44 rupees per day or 1,320 rupees per month. Samsung offers attractive EMI schemes to customers, and for this reason, users can enjoy having a great 5G experience.

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Samsung aims to do about 75% of its smartphone business with 5G devices this year. Aditya Babbar, Senior Manager, Samsung India, told IANS that early launch of new 5G smartphones in India is a strategy to achieve their target of doing 75% of smartphone business through 5G devices. For the unaware, Samsung launched two new Galaxy A devices in India earlier this month – Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A23 5G.

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The EMI schemes offered by Samsung to Indian consumers focus on making device purchase as low as possible. Babar said that Indians can get the newly launched Galaxy A14 5G for just Rs 44 per day. From the words of Babbar, it can be understood that Samsung is betting heavily on its affordable Galaxy A series 5G smartphones in the Indian market.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G starts at just Rs 14,999 in India, while the Galaxy A23 5G starts at an effective price of Rs 20,999. Both smartphones have already gone on sale and are available to customers via offline and online retail channels. Babbar said that Samsung has ensured that both of its newly launched Galaxy A series devices are the most widely distributed smartphones.