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Motorola Moto G72: why this smartphone also convinces us that there is no 5G

Several days ago, we posted our review of the Motorola Moto G72. We already noticed several things when we first had the device for less than €300 (~$316) in our hands: the discrete design and the slim and light case were naturally the first things that struck us.

At the same time, we also saw that the Moto G72 comes with a full box of accessories including a charger, and you can even get a silicone case.

As we started with our extensive testing, we already saw during display testing that Motorola thought of something special here:

The manufacturer uses an OLED display that is also fully HDR capable and impresses with a brightness of nearly 1000 nits in its smartphone for well under 300 euros. The screen provides accurate color reproduction and is also easily readable outdoors.

The battery also convinced us: although it does not set any new records, it still lasts a long time. Along with performance values ​​that are barely below the class average, there is also good efficiency. While this won’t be enough for aspiring gamers, those who can lower their requirements a bit should be able to run all the games.

What is problematic, of course, is the lack of support for the latest 5G mobile communications standard, especially since there are also not very many frequency bands supported in the LTE band, which makes traveling with a smartphone more difficult – at least if you want to use the Internet on the phone. mobile while you are traveling abroad.

We also found some additional small weaknesses in the Motorola Moto G72. What they are and why we still recommend the smartphone, you can find out in our detailed review on the Motorola Moto G72 with several comparison charts and benchmark results.