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Tecno and Google are teaming up to make Tecno’s smartphone operating system less obnoxious

things He has spent time with several Tecno smartphones in recent years. The African-centric Chinese brand offers users decent hardware, but its software has historically left a lot to be desired. This, fortunately, may be about to change.

Google and Tecno have announced a new three-year partnership that should see the smartphone brand using some better software in no time.

It’s time for some new techno devices

The main part of the partnership is to deliver an “optimized user experience” for the company’s smartphone. This is largely Google’s responsibility. Since the company is the de facto authority on Android (because Google owns the bloody thing), this makes sense.

The Chinese smartphone maker, for its part, will be β€œin the forefront of delivering the latest Android updates, as well as powering up[ing] Smoother experiences across devices.

Leverage Google’s world-class software and innovation expertise, along with [our] “Accumulated extensive experience in the mobile phone industry in emerging markets, we will provide domestic users with safe and reliable smart devices with first-class performance and excellent user experience,” said Tecno GM Jack Guo.

Hopefully, this will translate into a less demanding operating system for the company’s smartphones, sooner rather than later. Overall, the hardware is good β€” even in its lower-spec ranges β€” but the brand’s OS implementation is prone to bloatware and obnoxious attempts to trump Android.