Nokia X10

Nokia X10 5G first to get Android 13 update, as Nokia Mobile starts rolling it out, informs users.

Nokia X10

Nokia Mobile may have started rolling out the official Android 13 update to the Nokia X10 5G. This makes the Nokia X10 5G the first Nokia smartphone to receive the latest Android OS update. One of our readers shared a screenshot of the Android 13 update for the Nokia X10 5G.

Android 13 is supposed to bring many changes in user interface, animations, and new features along with itself. You can check out the list of Android 13 smartphones and tablets by clicking here.

Android 13 update for Nokia X10 5G:

Android 13 update for Nokia X10 5G comes with November security update. The build version is V3.270 and the screenshot is from Poland Market.

Nokia X10 Android 13 update

Nokia Mobile has yet to officially confirm the launch of the Android 13 update for the Nokia X10 5G. We will update the article as soon as Nokia Mobile publishes anything official about the Android 13 update for the Nokia X10 5G.

However, Nokia Mobile has confirmed Android 13 compatibility with five of its smartphones on the Google Android Enterprise Recommended Devices list. Nokia X10 5G was one of these five smartphones. So, most likely Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia G11 Plus, and Nokia X20 5G will receive Android 13 update in quick succession.

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