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New Apple Car rumor has it debuting in 2026 for under $100,000

A car with the Apple logo

51797 102676 50589 99604 apple car xl

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The Apple Car may be further afield than previously thought, with new rumors saying the company has pushed its potential launch date to 2026, with a price tag of less than $100,000.

The Apple Car has been a project highly anticipated by iPhone maker watchers, as it could propel Apple to the next trillion in value. However, it appears there may be a longer wait before anyone can purchase a vehicle from the company, with Apple making a number of changes to the project as a whole.

According to people familiar with the secret Apple project, he spoke to bloombergit has been stuck for several months now, as executives have had trouble getting the concept car off the wheel with currently available technologies.

Instead of a fully self-driving system, Apple now instead plans to design a more traditional car, complete with steering wheel and pedals. Sources claim that fully autonomous driving will still be available, but only on highways.

Under the new plans, drivers will still be able to perform other tasks, such as watching a movie or doing work, when the car itself is driving along a highway. Drivers can then be warned in advance when they need to switch to manual driving, in cases of sudden bad weather or near populated areas.

In addition to the change in schedule, it appears that Apple is also changing its pricing plans as well. Initially expected to sell the Apple Car for more than $120,000, it is now believed that Apple plans to cost consumers less than $100,000.

This would put the Apple Car in the same price bracket as the Tesla Model S.

Aside from a possible 2026 launch, Apple is said to still be working on the design at the “prototype” stage, the sources claim. The development schedule could see the design completed by the end of 2024, with extensive testing in 2025.