Apple and HTC were acquitted in a US Trade Court wireless patent dispute

Apple and HTC were acquitted in a US Trade Court wireless patent dispute

A US appeals court confirmed the victory apple Inc, HTC Corp, and ZTE Corporation against allegations that imports of their devices infringe patented wireless technology.

Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and other LTE-enabled devices are not in violation INVT The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said that SPE LLC’s rights to patents originally belonged to Panasonic.

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The companies and their attorneys did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

INVT is a patented investment fund company managed by Fortress Investment Group LLC, a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp.

Fortress defeated a separate lawsuit last year brought by Apple and Intel which accused it and its affiliates, including INVT, of violating antitrust law by hoarding thousands of patents and charging exorbitant licensing fees. Apple later withdrew from the case, which is currently on appeal.

INVT filed a complaint against Apple, HTC and ZTE In the US International Trade Commission In 2018, accusing their devices of complying with LTE The wireless standard for its patent infringement. It sought to impose a ban on the import of the allegedly infringing devices.

The panel ruled for device makers in 2020. A three-judge federal circuit panel upheld the decision Wednesday.

US Circuit Judge Raymond Chen wrote that the devices do not infringe one of INVT’s patents because they operate differently than described in the patent. The appeals court said the devices were not able to receive and manipulate data signals in the same way as the patented INVT technology.

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The Federal Circuit also found that the patent was not necessary for the LTE standard, and that the devices were not infringed simply by being LTE-capable.

The court found that the rest of the appeal was moot because INVT’s other patent had expired. Apple and ZTE previously withdrew from this appeal.