These 3 massive smartphone and tablet breakthroughs didnt happen in 2022 but likely will in 2023

These 3 massive breakthroughs in smartphones and tablets didn’t happen in 2022, but they probably will in 2023!

Here we are – the last few weeks of 2022. How has this year gone! And what a year it has been – we’ve got new iPads that finally drop the Lightning port, an exciting new generation of foldable phones from Samsung, new Pixels from Google, and so much more…

The world of technology is always buzzing with life; There’s always exciting things happening with our favorite, popular and most niche brands, and it’s usually outside of China. For example, the upcoming Vivo The X90 Pro Plus has been making waves lately with a bold promise To beat iPhones and Galaxy phones with an insane 1-inch main camera and up to 100X zoom!

But where there was actual excitement and releases, at the end of each year, we also have plenty of forgotten promises to look back on, that never materialized. Exciting new concepts we thought would finally make it to 2022, but they clearly haven’t.

Let’s talk about the coolest trends that some of us expected to change the world this year, but alas … and let’s think about whether 2023 will be the year, since we are finally here …

Rotatable phones in 2023

I hope foldable phones don’t roll out the red carpet in 2022, because not only has it not happened, it’s been out of everyone’s minds in the past few months. And whether folding cylinders will materialize in 2023 says nothing. LG’s mobile division is rolling in its grave now, wondering how no one else picked up on the rolling phone concept, after its LG Rollable failed to hit the market. You must go through this The almost finished LG Rollable unit that has surfaced online, in a Korean YouTube channel has done a full review of the promising phone:

As we can see, the LG Rollable Phone was very close to completion, but unfortunately, right before its launch, LG decided to close its mobile division and stop trying to participate (and lose money) in the always highly competitive mobile phone market.

Bad news for LG fans, and fans of unique smartphones in general, because LG was apparently throwing everything at the wall to see if it would stick — the weird dual screen The LG Wing phone, and then the almost released LG foldable phone … who knows what could be next?

Before it became painfully clear that LG Rollable wasn’t going to make it, plenty of other phone makers were supposed to be working on their own rollable phones, too. Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and others are almost certainly either working on foldable phone concepts right now, or at least — they’ve been doing so for the past few years.

Recently a Motorola’s foldable phone, among other foldable screen devices, was shown off during the 2022 Lenovo Tech World event. And as you can see below, it looks pretty much ready to go to market:

So what’s to stop brands like Moto from actually releasing a device like this in 2022, and seeing if people like it? After all, Samsung is foldable The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is living proof that modern, ultra-compact phones are in high demand. So why not make a compact rollable phone to rival, and maybe even outsell, God willing?

We’ll find out very soon, right? One thing is for sure – the technology looks ready. The questions now are – are the brands ready to take a risk with it, and are we – the consumers – ready to buy it?

Foldable tablets – Samsung and Apple may surprise us in 2023; Reputable dropouts said so

Obviously, Apple may still have a foldable iPhone, but unsubstantiated claims of foldable iPads have been thrown around recently as well. It’s enough to let our imagination run wild – imagine an iPhone that can turn into a fully functional, productivity-ready iPad! Or, you know – ready to entertain. Whatever floats your boat.

Of course, Samsung really beat Apple, and not recently. amazing The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is basically an Android smartphone that turns into a tablet, and it can do so much more! From the basics — like split-screen multitasking, to switching to a full ChromeOS-like device, with a similar interface, thanks to Samsung DeX. It even has stylus support! Whatever you may need – it is there!

The cynic in me is almost certain that Apple would never do such a thing, because Apple has made it very clear that they aim to sell you completely different devices. You get an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook, and they all serve different purposes. Not like Samsung, which is ready to give you (or at least try to give you) all three in just one device.

So the idea that Apple would be willing to sacrifice some iPhone sales, and possibly a lot of iPad sales, by offering a device that combines the two seems very unrealistic to me.

However, one reputable leaker – Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants – stated this in particular. It appears that Apple is working on a hybrid iPad/MacBook with a 20-inch screen. The news came early this year, in February to be exact, and here we are in December with nothing to show. However, new technology takes time, and whether Apple will actually continue this concept and surprise us with a foldable iPad-slash-MacBook in 2023 is anyone’s guess.

I’ll just point out that foldable laptops do exist, like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. So if Apple abandons this concept, I suspect it’s because the technology isn’t ready yet, but maybe that’s another reason I mentioned earlier.

Fortunately, Apple is not the only brand making tablets in the world, although it certainly dominates the market.

Looking at our friends from Free Korea again – Samsung is also allegedly working on a foldable tablet. This information was released back in August, courtesy of another reliable leaker – IceUniverse. According to him, the Galaxy Tab Fold could be introduced in 2023, to be released alongside the regular Galaxy Tab S9.

So start hedging your bets whether Samsung or Apple will be the first to release a foldable tablet in 2023, but my money is on Samsung!

Augmented Reality (AR) to complement and ultimately replace your smartphone

To be fair, we’re already seeing augmented reality quietly but firmly making its way onto a small niche group of tech enthusiast faces. This year, perhaps most notably, Meta (formerly Facebook) launched the AR Meta Quest Pro headset, which, unlike the popular Quest 2 virtual reality headset, is all about augmented reality instead. Meaning, rather than blocking out your view of the real world and replacing it with an entirely digital one, the Meta AR headset does what AR headsets do – overlays digital objects over your view of the real world.

Plus, an unheard-of smaller company, Nreal, has just released Nreal Air AR glasses, and thanks to an effective campaign to give those out to influencers (including YouTube reviewers), Nreal Air could be considered 2022’s most affordable and direct-to-consumer AR product. .

Essentially what the Nreal Air glasses do is mirror your phone’s screen, so it can be a great way to watch content on the go (say on a plane ride) without having to stare at your iPad or your phone’s tiny screen. But in the end, AR glasses, like Apple AR glasses likely to come soon, will do much more than just mirror your phone screen in front of your retina.

He sees Ming-Chi Kuo, a trusted leaker The Apple headset has been delayed until the second half of 2023 due to the expected massive shortage of shipments, but the important thing to note is the year there – 2023! Yes, next year could be the year that Apple finally decides to try to change our world, by introducing its AR glasses. The ones we’ve been hearing a lot about over the past three years or so.

The not so good news is a rumor that accompanies these Apple AR glasses may cost $3,000, which is way more than we’ve come to expect over the years. Calling this device “glasses” might also be misleading, as it may just be a headset, very similar to the Meta’s Quest Pro — meaning it’s not a lightweight device you’ll wear outside.

There’s been a mess of leaks and rumors, so whether Apple actually releases lightweight glasses or a chunky headset, and for what specific purpose — only time will tell. But then again, the good news is that the wait for this seemingly “next big thing” is almost over.

And in the end, 2023 is shaping up to be very exciting. It’s probably the most exciting year we’ve had in decades, so stay tuned!