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OnePlus is making a mechanical keyboard that you can buy next year

OnePlus Feature is a new co-creation program from the company

While OnePlus may be primarily known as a smartphone manufacturer, the brand has spent the past few years expanding its portfolio to include headphones, smartwatches, and accessories as well as the company is rumored to introduce its first Android tablet. In a surprising move, OnePlus has now announced that it will be making a mechanical keyboard in collaboration with well-known brand Keychron.


We don’t yet know the name of the keyboard or any design details, but OnePlus has confirmed that it will be involved in creating the device with its relatively new brand of Keychron mechanical keyboard. OnePlus says we’ll hear more about it in early 2023. This is probably the left device we’ve heard about with the OnePlus name on it, and it comes after the company polled OnePlus users about what products they’d like to see.

The mechanical keyboard will be the first product from the company’s newly announced OnePlus premium program, which the brand hopes to use to make products of various categories with the OnePlus brand on them. We haven’t heard any other examples yet of what to expect, but if a mechanical keyboard is the brand’s first choice, we may soon see some other oddities with the OnePlus name attached.

It’s also unclear which markets will be able to purchase the OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard when it launches. In India, OnePlus is preparing to announce its computer monitors, but it is currently believed that these devices will not be available globally in markets such as the US.

In smartphones, OnePlus announced last week that it will be introducing four major software upgrades and five years of security patches to upcoming smartphones. We do not yet know which phones will receive this update promise, but this flagship phone, including the upcoming OnePlus 11, may be part of this update schedule.