Huawei downsizing becomes a boon for competitors

While many telecom equipment makers are grappling with the launch of 5G services in the coming days, Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei has reduced its workforce in India, and from around 6,000 (about 4,000 at the Bengaluru R&D center and 2,000 at Gurugram) last year, no The company has only a few hundred left now.

Jobs restored

The best part about the employees here is that they have received an annual salary from the company, and they have been hired by operators and competitors in the industry like Bharti Airtel, Ericsson India, and Nokia India.

Sources close to the development said business line That many engineers and technical staff have been hired by Airtel, because these were people involved in 4G projects, and that Airtel is one of the biggest customers of Huawei 4G technology. Ripple started in August.

Security concerns

Huawei has been out of any new projects including 5G trials due to the government’s national security concerns. In recent months, the tax department has also raided various Huawei offices in India to see the “national security” aspects of its operations.

“There are about 700 people left in Gurugram’s operations (mostly carrier related jobs) and in Bengaluru too there are very fewer people than about 4,000 engineers. They have been given very good severance packages – many of them went to Airtel because they were already part of the projects. existing ones and were familiar with their functionality,” said a source familiar with the development business line.

However, when asked for details from Airtel, a spokesperson for the company declined to comment because it is in a silent period before its quarterly results a few weeks later (most likely on October 31).

Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson said, although it did not answer specific inquiries about hiring former Huawei employees in the company, that the growth of any new technology such as 5G depends on the availability of a skilled workforce, and its deployment and success will depend on the workforce being available and ably skilled.

5G related professionals are required

“Professionals with an in-depth understanding of 5G and related technologies will be in very high demand as 5G is deployed in the country. At Ericsson, we have scrutinized the future of our employees through several upskilling and re-skilling initiatives including a ‘Digital Academy’ to build proficiency in Technologies like AI/Automation through digitization and data science, and ‘5G Academy’ for employees to up skill on 5G RAN, 5G Core and Cloud RAN,” Priyanka Anand, Head of People, Market Region Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson said business line.

She said that India is the second largest telecom market in the world and the explosive growth of data that we are seeing in India, 5G represents a huge opportunity for consumers and businesses.

Anand added, “Facing this opportunity, the telecom sector will see a huge increase in the talent pool and ecosystem to create resilient networks that will see the vision of ‘Digital India’ come true.” Similarly, Nokia has also hired several people who have worked at Huawei over the past several years. Give any details see a “silent period”.