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Apple News+’s biggest magazines may be having a hard time

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New data shows that people read fewer big-name posts on the Apple News+ subscription service — but it’s not clear if this is a sign of a broader trend.

Recently posted loan numbers by The newspaper press It showed that the top 25 magazines on Apple News+ had a combined circulation of over 1.3 million in the first half of 2022. This is greater than the numbers for the first half of 2021 but less than the second half of that year.

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The ratings were provided by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) and calculated using the average of slots unique to each magazine issue.

  • First half of 2021: 1,255,802
  • Second half of 2021: 1,622,823
  • First half of 2022: 1,333,088

The newspaper press Also share a chart showing how the top ten stories on Apple News+ have changed and a chart of the top 25 US magazines on Apple News+.

However, the publisher notes that “the top 25 magazines for each period vary slightly, meaning that many of the individual titles in the current top ranking have increased their circulation significantly despite the broader trend.”

In the top ten distributions chart, only four out of ten publishers had negative year-over-year changeover. The Top 25 chart tracks the average number of unique Apple News+ users per issue, compared to the total openings for each issue.

Changes to major Apple News+ distributions.  Source: Alliance for Audited Media via Press Gazette

Changes to major Apple News+ distributions. Source: Alliance for Audited Media via Press Gazette

Investment bank Cowen predicted in 2021 that Apple News+ would reach 19 million paid subscribers by 2023, but The newspaper press He claims that recent data indicates that this is “not realistic”.

Magazine circulation is not necessarily an indicator of the success (or lack thereof) of Apple News. Macroenvironmental factors can influence magazine readers, such as events that occur around the world.

The data also indicates a seasonal aspect in readership, with more readers consuming magazines in the latter half of the year than in the first. Unfortunately, there’s a limited amount of data to work with, as Apple News+ only launched in 2019, and we still need numbers for the second half of 2022.

Apple also does not publicly share metrics to Apple News+ readers.