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Airplane mode on smartphones: how “obsolete” this feature could get so soon

Flight mode It is a default feature available on all smartphones and is usually used during air travel. However, this smartphone feature may become obsolete in European Union (European Union) soon. Starting in 2023, the European Union’s regulatory body European Commission It will reportedly allow airline passengers to use data and even make calls while in the air. According to the recent EU decision, airlines will be allowed to provide 5G services. However, it is important to note that some airlines already provide their passengers with free or paid Wi-Fi during the flight.
A new EU rule may allow 5G services in aircraft
The new EU rule states that airline passengers will be able to stream music and videos, access their apps and make phone calls on 5G-equipped planes. EU member states will have to make 5G technology available to airlines by June 30, 2023.
According to a report by Gizmodo, the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton He said in a statement that 5G services for airlines will not only “enable innovative services for people,” but also help European companies grow.
How will this technology work?
The report states that airlines will use special network equipment called a “pico cell” to route calls, texts and data through the satellite network that will connect the aircraft to the terrestrial mobile phone network.

The report also states that the CEO of United Kingdom Aviation Safety CommissionAnd the Day WhittinghamHe claimed that the use of cell phones on planes is prohibited due to a lack of knowledge about how it affects the plane.

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Could 5G interference be a concern for in-flight services?
5G interference with a pilot’s navigation system has been a concern in the United States. However, Whittingham added, the same concerns do not apply in the UK and the EU.
Whittingham noted that Europe has a different set of frequencies for 5G networks. Moreover, the power settings used in European Union countries are lower than those allowed in the United States. He even confirmed that regulators will outline the necessary steps to ensure the safety of using 5G on an aircraft.