A complete ban on the use of mobile phones at the Mahakal Temple

From December 20, a complete ban on mobile phones will be imposed at the world famous Baba Mahakaleshwar Temple. Devotees with VIP officers and priests will not be able to take mobile phones in Mahakal Temple.

Few days ago, mobile phones were completely banned in the Sanctum Sanctorum and Nandi hall, but from December 20, the mobile phone ban will be implemented in the entire Mahakal temple.

A decision was taken at the meeting of the Mahakal Temple Management Committee on an increase of 60 rupees in the price of the most famous Mahakal Laddu Prasad temple.

The cost of laddu prasad for Mahakal temple is 374 rupees. Collector Ashish Singh says that even after an increase of 60 rupees, the commission must bear a loss of 14 rupees. Devotees will get laddu prasad for 360 rupees instead of 300 rupees after 3 days at Mahakal temple.

Double-top buses will run from the Ujjain Baba Mahakal Temple, and devotees can ride during their visit to Ujjain.

A dress code for the employees of the Mahakal Temple is specified. Because of this, the next worshipers will be able to get to know the members of the committee.