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Why Meters Music is the best headphones for music lovers

Ashdown Engineering may be best known for their amplifiers, but who better to make earphones and tweeters to really make your ears sing?

Founded in 1997 by former Trace Elliot managing director Mark Gooday, this small British company initially focused on amplification for guitarists until developing its first guitar amplifier in 2001. Members of U2, the Foo Fighters and Black Sabbath have all used their amplifiers, But there’s more to the company than pedals, combos, and effects. The Meters Music earbuds feature a solid retro look and a VU meter running on each earcup, as well as excellent sound.

Now, Ashdown has made its first venture into true wireless technology, launching its Meters LINX system on Indiegogo. A combination of wireless earphones and a desktop speaker system you can take with you on your days off, it’s a distinctive-looking set of audio gear, with a large, fully functional, light-up analog VU meter in the base unit, which also doubles as a charging case for the earphones, and contains elements Playback control and Bluetooth pairing built into the top.

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The classic look of the desktop speakers contrasts with the high technology inside. They’re completely wireless and have built-in rechargeable batteries, so you can place them anywhere you like, up to 10 meters away, and their custom-tuned 2.5-inch full-range drivers ensure sound is dynamic and clearly defined. It’s also splash-resistant, up to the IPX4 standard, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain outside. Bluetooth pairing uses voice prompts, so you won’t be scratching your head trying to interpret a sequence of flashing lights.

The solid battery life gives three hours of music playback from one hour of charging for the earphones, which can be charged via the USB-C port, while the earphones will last for six hours, and the charging case can be used to extend that by an additional 24 hours. The buds are also IPX5 rated, for enhanced water resistance that will stand up to more sustained rainy day use.

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And as you would expect, the earphones are made to exacting standards. They’re built around a dual driver system, with a specially designed driver balanced with 7mm dynamic driver to give the low frequency response that some earphones lack. The Linx TWS (True Wireless System) earbuds use the same Qualcomm Adaptive APTX codec as Ashdown’s flagship Meters OV-1-BC headphones, delivering high-fidelity sound at ultra-low latency, with rich bass, crisp highs and mid-range. Detailed and well defined.

Touch controls are located on both the left and right earbuds, putting complete control right at the user’s fingertips. Features include play/pause, volume up/down, track skipping, and more. An onboard motion sensor detects when you remove the earbuds, putting them into standby mode and optimizing the battery charge. And cleverly, if you put the earbuds in their charging case, the speakers can seamlessly take over playback, perfect for when you get home.

The illuminated VU meter built into all Ashdown amplifiers and speakers is fully functional, providing a real-time readout of the music you’re playing. Engineering an analog VU meter for digital music response was a difficult task, but worth it to maintain such a memorable vintage aesthetic, and since the Meters brand is literally named after a throbbing level needle, it had to be there. All design and engineering of the Meters LINX system is handled in-house by a team of just nine people at Ashdown Engineering in Essex, focusing on repairability rather than being a disposable product. They’ve been designed from the ground up to the very end.