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Take a look at the first ever Android smartphone

HTC Sooner, which was supposed to be the first smartphone, was unveiled Rich Miner, one of the founders of Android. He recalls the evolution of the history of this device and the difficulties in a great conversation on Twitter.

In March 2009 HTC Dream also known as T-Mobile G1 or Google G1 became the first Android device to be available in many countries. Almost a year and a half after the first iPhone was officially available. Android co-founder Rich Miner claims that Google’s mobile operating system has been completely changed. He revealed the photos of the first Android smartphone as proof.

This is how the first Android smartphone looked


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Miner claims that the prototype of this smartphone was ready five months before the launch of the iPhone 2G. Google had the opportunity to claim leadership in a global technological revolution before Apple. The Dream and the Sooner smartphones are developed by the Android R&D departments. The latter’s development team focused on developing the G1.

We should note that HTC Sooner’s offerings still have a certain charm even after fourteen years. The HTC Dream and the previous generation Blackberries immediately come to mind. By design black plastic slide valve device. The control buttons are obviously very outdated by modern standards. But the neon green keyboard and border add a tasty modernizing touch that’s still popular in 2022. Although the Sooner clearly had more personality than the G1, it makes sense that HTC employees wanted to be “careful” back then. With smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Motorola Razr 3, for example, neon colors and flippers are making a triumphant return today.

We note that the screen has two keys used to open the browser and the e-mail client in addition to the navigation wheel and four buttons for telephony on the chin of the device. Ideas that weren’t that stupid at the time but weren’t available in a dream. The latter was undoubtedly more sedate with its five buttons on the front. Rich Miner claims the iPhone launch prompted the decision. To switch from HTC Sooner to Dream.