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Here is how Cher Wang became a billionaire

Known as the “Pride of Taiwan,” Cher Wang has an inspiring success story that dates back to her childhood.

Cher Mei Wang was born and raised in Taiwan before moving to California to pursue graduate studies and a degree in economics. After working with a computer solutions provider company after graduation, she partnered to launch HTC in 1997. With the idea of ​​creating a technology that would merge multiple concepts into a single device, the company experienced many ups and downs before finding its niche for collaboration with other companies. Wang has been a long-term pillar of the brand and still serves as co-founder, chairman of HTC and new technology integrator. She has become a role model for women in computer technology and was one of the first few women to take leadership in the male-dominated field in the 1990s.

From her beginnings at one of the most influential corporations in Taiwan to creating technology that will remain a long lasting legacy, Cher Wang has amassed a whopping $1.1 billion fortune from her business. A woman who has stood the test of time and brought innovation, let’s take a look at Cher Wang’s inspiring journey.

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3 Childhood builds values

Cher Wang hails from Taipei, Taiwan as the daughter of businessman Wang Yongqing. Her father was the second richest person in Taiwan, with an empire of petrochemicals and plastics. The Formosa Plastics Group was a big part of her childhood which made her aspire to be an entrepreneur growing up. Wang moved with her sister to Los Angeles for a formal high school education in college preparatory school. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, to graduate in Economics. According to Tatler Asia, It was noted that her father, Wang Yingqing, would send her 20-page handwritten letters instructing her on being a principal.

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She joined the Taiwanese computer technology company First International Computer a year after graduation. Five years later, Wang partnered to start Via Technologies, known for creating integrated chipsets for motherboards. While still working in this field, she decided to team up with Peter Chou and HT Cho to start HTC in 1997, as noted by Forbes.. The initial thought behind the creation of HTC was to provide a two-in-one solution for people with technology that could act as both a mobile phone and a personal assistant. Although the idea was innovative, it created a capital deficit, prompting Wang to change business goals. Cher Wang didn’t stop HTC when the consumer wasn’t responding well to the company’s motives. Using her savings, she poured money heavily into the business to revitalize the design and engineering department.

2 Learning from failure

Going on business trips, Wang realized the need for a mobile device instead of carrying computers around. Then a Microsoft acquaintance reached out to Wang to design a handheld device. As stated by Celebrity Net Worth, manufactured the first Windows mobile phone to use an operating system. Besides searching for innovation, HTC has started working as a developer for other computer technology companies. Compaq, which later became HP, brought HTC on board to create mobile phones in 2000. The decade to create PDAs and phones succeeded with the launch of the Compaq Aero PDA, and other manufacturers joined on board. Some of the notable brands include Orange, T-Mobile, and O2.

In 2008, Wang teamed up with Google to create the first Android phone, the G1. While HTC built its name as the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, Wang wanted to broaden the vision and establish her company as a smartphone brand. It launched cell phones that increased sales after partnering with America’s top mobile network operators, including AT&T, Verizon, Spring, and T-Mobile. HTC became the fastest growing technology company under Wang’s leadership and also helped develop Microsoft’s Mobile Operating System 7 and 8.

1 Embracing and integrating modern technology

Besides being a contract manufacturer of several brands and creating its own smartphone, HTC has also introduced tablets in its unit to bring innovation one step closer. While she was one of the first women to lead a tech business in the 1990s, Cher Wang was the 54th most powerful woman in 2014, as ranked by Forbes. It ensures equal opportunities for people of all races and has a neutral board of directors with many important departments led by women.

Cher Wang’s journey didn’t stop at manufacturing and smartphones, but she recently delved into AR and VR technology with the creation of HTC’s VIVE Reality. First revealed at Mobile World Congress 2018, VIVE helps experience multiple universes together to balance work and life, HTC says. Recently, Wang has shifted his focus to 5G, blockchain, and AI technologies.

Cher Wang started her career working for a computer technology company before starting to find solutions to everyday problems. Through successful cooperation and contracts, it has created a company that strives for the future. Wang believes and likes to stay true to her HTC statement with cool cool.

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