Musk mocks Apple

Elon says Apple has resumed advertising on Twitter

During Twitter Space this evening, Elon Musk confirmed that Apple has “resumed advertising in full” on Twitter. This comes less than a week after Musk publicly shamed Apple for having “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter” and questioned whether the company hates “free speech in America.”

Apple has never confirmed nor denied that it has stopped advertising on Twitter. There was absolutely no indication whether the slowdown in advertising was due to Musk’s ownership of Twitter or just a general reorganization at the end of the month.

Mask visited Apple Park on Wednesday to meet with Tim Cook. The meeting appears to have gone well, as Musk noted that Cook said Apple never planned to remove Twitter from the App Store.

During the Twitter Spaces event, Musk has been confirmed Apple has once again ramped up its advertising on Twitter. “Apple has completely resumed advertising on Twitter,” Musk said. He also said that Apple is Twitter’s biggest advertiser, which is why it’s an important relationship for the company to maintain as other advertisers stop their spending.

Musk’s comments today follow a report from Washington Post He noted earlier this week that Apple “spent an estimated $131,600 on Twitter ads between November 10 and November 16, down from $220,800 between October 16 and October 22, the week before Musk shut down Twitter.” .”

Of course, Apple doesn’t publicly disclose any of its ad spend information. There is no way to know if the company has legitimately stopped buying ads on Twitter because of Elon Musk. Ad spending fluctuates throughout the year, and Apple is notoriously strict about its budgets.

So, I guess we can close this chapter off Elon Musk’s series of questionable events since the Twitter acquisition. Any guesses as to what’s on the agenda for next week? I’m sure there will be something…

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