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Elon Musk says Apple has resumed Twitter advertising in its entirety

Elon Musk [Twitter]

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Apple has returned to advertising at its normal level on Twitter, according to Elon Musk, who also confirmed that Apple is Twitter’s largest advertising customer.

On November 28, Twitter CEO Elon Musk became embroiled in a tweet storm against Apple, including allegations that Apple has “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter.” A week later, Musk changed his tune.

During a captured Twitter Spaces conversation bloomberg On Saturday, Musk said Apple has “resumed full advertising on Twitter.” Musk did not mention the size of Apple’s ad spending, nor did he go any further on the subject, other than to say that Apple was the largest advertiser on the platform.

While Musk’s comment may have worked, Apple has yet to officially comment on the same.

On November 30, Media Matters for America released data that it says shows Apple’s spending has been increasing since Musk took over. While there was a decline between November 8 and November 21, there was no complete halt.

However, Apple’s daily spending on November 28 was said to be $84,615.70, 2.6 times that of the previous month.

In the meantime, I looked at the internal documents Washington Post On November 28, Musk’s ad is boosting major advertisers. Apple spent $48 million in the first quarter, accounting for more than 4% of revenue. However, this could easily be seen as a seasonal overspending due to holiday sales, which can be very different from the rest of the year.