Crosscall Core T4 scaled 2

Crosscall has launched its Core-T4 rugged tablet in South Africa, and it will set you back the R11k

You know what we don’t see enough of? Tablets. Everyone knows Samsung and Apple have deals, and there are a bunch of discount options from all over the place, but if it’s not a big name, people won’t really pay attention. Perhaps Crosscall, with its new rugged Core-T4 tablet, can make you change your mind about it.

Go hard

First, the Crosscall Core-T4 is an 8-inch tablet, with a resolution of 1,280 x 800. It has a 7,000mAh battery, made up of two 3,500mAh batteries running side by side. Heavy weight shedding probably won’t surprise you with this. In terms of internals, there’s 3GB of RAM and 32GB of standard storage, with space for a microSD card And the Dual SIM cards. You’re supposed to take this thing on the road, after all. The Snapdragon 450 from Qualcomm runs the display. In terms of specs, it’s decent but not quite top of the range. Then again, that’s not why you’d want one of those.

CORE T4 FRONT BACK PERS 1Crosscall Core-T4 is durable. Seriously bumpy. Tested to MIL-STD-810, so it’s rated for military use. Part of this is an IP68 rating, which means you’ll be fighting to drown it out. It will withstand temperatures from -25 degrees to 50 degrees, so it will have to contend with the toughest conditions South Africa can face. The 13MP camera can apparently take photographs underwater, while it can survive being dropped onto concrete from a height of 1.5 metres. Don’t actually do this, but it should stay the same. This is the toughened Gorilla Glass 3 at work, as well as that chassis.

But the important thing is the price. The Crosscall Core-T4 will set you back about R11,000 here in SA. That’s high for an 8-inch tablet, but it’s not aimed at the average user. Crosscall is focusing on the South African mining and agricultural industries for its Core-T4, although we think guys who own a 4×4 regularly or own a Ford Ranger will probably check this one out as well.

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