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Avoid addiction to smartphones and social media – tell young people

Mr. Rotimi Onadebe, a prominent Internet safety advocate, advised young people to identify their God-given talents and work on them in order to achieve success in life.

He added that they should not allow smartphone or internet addiction to ruin their future.

Speaking at a weekly internet safety awareness campaign held in Ibadan on Saturday 26 November, Mr. Onadebe said that most young people are so addicted to their smartphones that they cannot recognize or work on their God-given talents.

He pointed out that they spend most of their time on the Internet, playing their favorite online games, taking and sharing photos, watching videos, or engaging in other online activities that will not add any value to their lives.

According to him, God Almighty has blessed all people with different talents, but in our society in today’s digital age, the danger of addiction to smartphones or social media has killed the dreams of many people, especially young people, and hindered them from identifying and developing their abilities. God-given talents.

In his recent remarks, the internet security expert advised all youth regardless of age, gender, tribe, status or location, to start identifying their God-given talents and work on them in order to succeed in their various endeavours.