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Samsung and LG phones are at risk of malware, due to leaked Android certification

Android certification has been leaked online, putting millions of devices at risk of malware attack. One good thing is that the leak does not affect all Android users but Samsung and LG users should not be happy to hear this news. Samsung and LG users, along with all smartphones that use MediaTek chipsets are at risk of being affected by this malware.

Currently, Lukasz Siewierski, a Google employee and malware reverse engineer, reports that many Android OEM certificates have been publicly released. Malicious actors may use these keys to install malware on consumers’ smartphones. This may have been used to infect phones with malware. This login key has the highest level of OS rights, which is important because it means a malicious actor can insert malware without Google, the device manufacturer, or the app developer knowing about it. In theory, if customers download the update from a third-party website, the bad actor could introduce malware while serving as a legitimate app update.


The application signing certificate used to sign the ‘android’ application to the system image is known as the platform certificate. The “android” program is executed using the highly privileged user ID “android.uid.system” and has access to user data among other system permissions. The same level of access to the Android operating system is available to any other certified program with the same certification, according to a blog post by Google.

Fortunately, there is still some hope. The affected companies have already been alerted to the issue by the Android security team. In addition, the tech giant suggested that affected companies “rotate the platform certificate by exchanging it for a new set of public and private keys.” Additionally, as claimed by XDA Developers, Samsung has been aware of the issue for a while and has addressed the vulnerability. “We have been publishing security fixes since 2016 after becoming aware of the issue, and there have been no known security incidents regarding this potential vulnerability,” the company added in a statement to the publication.

Application signing is an important component of how the Android operating system protects uninitiated phones. This procedure ensures that only reputable developers provide software upgrades to customers’ phones. This action needs a unique login key that belongs to the app developer and is always kept private in order to add an extra layer of protection.