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Recently, it has been quiet regarding new Nokia phones. Well, not long ago, Nokia Mobile launched its best, the Nokia X30, which was followed by the affordable G60, the entry-level C31, and the updated T20 tablet, or the Nokia T21. Although these phones seem like a roundup of what Nokia Mobile has to offer, there are still some interesting phones to expect.

While I’m not expecting a Nokia 9 successor, there is a chance we’ll see the next Nokia 8.3 (possibly Nokia X80). If that ship had sailed so far, we might not yet have seen a successor to the Nokia XR20, the ultimate smartphone tank.

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Nokia Mobile has maintained the new phones well. Not much has been leaked about it yet, but there are some hints about upcoming devices. If you look at the EUIPO page, you will see that there are graphs of all the phones that have been released recently. But now five more phones have appeared on the page. The first one was introduced at the beginning of November, and another one was introduced on November 17th.

These teasers don’t tell us anything about the phones or release dates, as they usually become available after an announcement. But we can expect it in about two months when Mobile World Congress is coming up. CES is also a good place to unveil new hardware, especially if it’s aimed at the US market. If true, we could see new phones exclusively for this market which will reveal the future direction of Nokia’s new flagships.