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Daily Tech Digest feed: Happy 30th birthday text message


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The Text message Celebrating her 30th birthday – The first mobile phone was sent by a Vodafone engineer in Berkshire in the UK on December 3, 1992. She was sent to test the technology and read Happy Birthday. Neil Papworth sent it to one of the company’s bosses, Richard Jarvis, who was at a Christmas party. Didn’t get a response. Mr. Jarvis’ phone, the new Orbitel 901 on the market, weighs 2.1kg – about the same as the standard 12 iPhone 14s. At its peak, phone users exchanged billions of short messages — or Short Message Service — each year, and in 2010 the word “texting” entered the dictionary. BBC

Use Hateful language on Twitter It has increased dramatically since Elon Musk took office, according to new research. Musk completed the $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform in late October, prompting his immediate layoff. Almost half of the company’s 8,000 workers. Although Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth said at the time that the frontline moderation team had seen “the least impact”, last week – after he resigned – He said Twitter has never been safer under Mr. Musk. Sky News

A hands-on video revealed a strange new Huawei product that uses a smartwatch as a charging case for earphones, which it dubbed Huawei Watch Buds. As unusual as it sounds, it can actually be very useful. At the very least, there’s nothing to remember to charge, and it’ll also save some valuable pocket space. At first, we assumed this would be some kind of attention-grabbing tech demo that would wow people at a show like CES, but it’s slated to never hit retail shelves. However, Huawei has acknowledged the existence of Watch Buds since the video emerged. The brand posted a teaser video on its Weibo account showing a glimpse of the watch before promising to unveil it on December 2, 2022. Pocket Lint

French President Emmanuel Macron He met Elon Musk for what he called a “clear and honest discussion” amid growing concerns about the rise of hate speech on Twitter. While visiting the United States on Friday, the French president posted a photo on Twitter of his meeting with the billionaire, showing the two men sitting across from each other at a table in an empty room. In addition to discussing “future green industrial projects,” Macron said the couple talked about “transparent user policies for the social media platform, a significant promotion of moderation in content and the protection of freedom of expression.” Hey ho!

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Giant Running Rocco It’s adding another TV with Roku OS built-in to its UK slate – this time with electronics maker RCA. The TV models, which are available in 32in, 40in and 55in sizes, will be particularly affordable, starting at £129.99 for the 32HD model only. However, the smaller sizes will support HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p) resolutions, with only 55 available in UHD (4K). The new RCA Roku TVs join the likes of Hisense, TCL and METZ, which have also launched Roku TVs in the UK. cordbusters

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