By 2025 Samsungs fingerprint scanner will reportedly be 2.5 billion times more secure

By 2025, Samsung’s fingerprint scanner will be 2.5 billion times more secure

According to the message from @SamMobile, Samsung is working on a way to make using the fingerprint scanner even more secure. One of the improvements Sami is said to be looking at would replace using a small scanner to read a single fingerprint with a larger one that can scan multiple fingers at the same time. Dieter Mai, CEO of French company ISORG, a company that makes fingerprint sensors for smartphones, He recently said in an interview that Samsung could soon provide this technology for its own OLED screens.
Samsung has already announced that this technology, known as All-in-One sensing, will be present in its next-generation OLED 2.0 panels. Using three fingerprints simultaneously to verify the identity of a 2.5 x 10^9 (or 2,500,000,000) smartphone user is more secure than using a single fingerprint. The plan is to allow the entire screen to be used to scan all three fingers simultaneously.
May of ISORG says he expects Samsung will release 2.0 OLED panels by 2025. The executive said in an interview OLED-inc says it does not expect Apple to engage in multiple fingerprint scanning since the new iPhone models rely on Face ID. As a result, Samsung is not only expected to be the first phone manufacturer to introduce multi-fingerprint scanning, but it is also expected to be the leading All-in-One sensor smartphone manufacturer.

While the industry considers the current use of a single fingerprint verification secure enough to verify payments made in conjunction with a mobile payment system like Samsung Pay and Google Pay, imagine how safe you’ll feel knowing that the AIO sensor is 2.5 billion times more secure.

Yes, you are in his back raising his hand. What? The first phone with a fingerprint sensor? No, the iPhone 5s was not what you thought. In fact, it was the Pantech GI100 from 2004. Was it the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner? No, it wasn’t the iPhone 5s. It was the Toshiba G500 in 2007. Well, how about the first touchscreen smartphone with a fingerprint scanner? This must be the iPhone 5s, right? Wrong – wronged – wronged. This has been the Motorola ATRIX 4G since 2011.

Biometrics company AuthenTec was bought by Apple in 2012 for $356 million. A year later, the iPhone 5s became the first iPhone with Touch ID. And now it looks like Samsung will be the first to offer AIO multi-fingerprint scanning which will greatly increase the security of data on your phone.