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Best Motorola phone 2022: Moto phones ranking

2. Motorola Edge 20 – Close in second place

In our review, we called the standard Edge 20, the “Goldilocks of the series,” not only because it sits between the Edge 20 Lite and 20 Pro but it proves to offer the best bang for your buck of the trio.

While all three Edge 20 phones feature a 6.7-inch OLED display, the Edge 20 (and 20 Pro’s) 144Hz panel is a particular joy to use, and while the phone lacks the extra oomph afforded by the better Pro model, it still delivers, in terms of Performance is mid-range, while delivering a clean and easy-to-use Android experience – as Motorolas are known for.

As long as you’re not a fan of Moto after the company’s best camera phone at the moment, the Edge 20 covers all the important things efficiently.