51718 102460 macbook air m2 midnight deal xl

Save $150 on Apple Midnight MacBook Air M2 with 16GB RAM and 10 Cores GPU, In Stock Now

Save on the M2 MacBook Air from Apple.

51718 102460 macbook air m2 midnight deal

Apple’s popular MacBook Air with upgraded M2 chip and 16GB of memory is $150 off at Great Midnight. Available with free express shipping, plus additional savings on AppleCare.

This exclusive discount knocks the M2 Air with a 10-core GPU, 16GB of memory, and a 256GB SSD down to $1,349—the lowest price available, according to our MacBook Air Price Comparison Guide. Units are in stock and ready to ship, which puts the air in your hands up to a week faster than ordering directly from Apple. All while saving a significant amount of money this holiday season.