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Opinion: Is it time for retailers to stop selling Chinese Eufy security cameras or ZTE mobile phones? – News channel

They are security camera sellers and retailers of consumer electronics at certain carriers like Optus Telstra, risk selling products made by Chinese companies, which the US government has moved to ban, or has recently been exposed because of their high security risks and outright lies by their manufacturers.

Many consumer electronics companies and manufacturers of high-end security cameras have direct investments from the Chinese Communist government, which is under siege from its disillusioned citizens with strict Covid Zero measures and a faltering economy.

Some are Chinese companies that simply cannot refuse a request from China’s security or military intelligence service who are known to spy on citizens of other countries including Australia or attempt to steal a company’s intellectual property in an attempt to copy a product.

Also of concern are networking products such as the Chinese company TP Link, which also sells security cameras.

The latest Chinese company to face serious questions is Anker, maker of consumer Eufy security cameras sold widely in Australia by Directed Electronics, which gained distribution by offering high profit margins to retailers.

Check out a previous ChannelNews story here about the security risks associated with Eufy products.

Chinese company Eufy Cameras has revealed that it has been accused of lying about security risks

They have been caught on several occasions lying about the security capabilities of their cameras.

In the latest edition of its US corporate operations publication, the Verge exposed significant security flaws for consumers looking to purchase one of these products.

Retailers that sell Eufy cameras and robot vacuum cleaners with cameras include Officeworks, Super Cheap Auto, JB Hi Fi, The Good Guys, Catch, Bing Lee, and Amazon.

Then there is ZTE whose mobile products are sold by Optus and Telstra.

Watch the original story here.

Exclusive: Telstra & Optus have increased sales of products from embattled Chinese firm ZTE

These carriers have taken to putting their own stickers on ZTE devices in an attempt to disguise the manufacturer that boasts openly on its Australian website with suggestions that the sale of these products is subsidized with Chinese government money.

Last week we revealed how the US government moved to ban Chinese security camera companies Hikvision and Dahua.

These cameras can be found in sensitive government buildings in Australia and used by companies that seem unaware of the risks associated with installing Chinese security cameras manufactured by companies with shareholders in the Chinese Communist Party or owned by questionable Chinese countries.

The Canberra building, which houses the offices of senior Home Affairs executives including Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo, is monitored by security cameras made by China’s Dahua.

These are companies that have been banned by the US federal government and the UK government on national security grounds.

Now there is a move to stop selling high-risk products from the likes of Eufy, Hikvision and Dahua because of the security risks involved in selling these brands in Australia.

News Corp recently reported that there are demands that high-risk Chinese products should be “uprooted” from government offices across the country.Optus ZTE product

The cameras have been installed as part of building security systems at Home Affairs headquarters at 4 National Circuit, in Barton, in the heart of Canberra’s so-called Parliamentary Triangle.

The building is located across the road from the Attorney General’s Office and close to the headquarters of the Secret Bureau of National Intelligence.

The ban on Huawei products has led to the withdrawal of business from the mobile phone market in Australia other than websites owned and operated by China.

Chinese companies are currently facing intense scrutiny and consequences for lying, the latest being the Eufy scandal where brand owners Anker publicly lied to the media about the risks associated with their products.

The United States government is getting tougher on China, initially through President Trump now Joe Biden has caused more pain.

In Australia, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appears more interested in embracing with Chinese leaders than confronting them.Eufy Security Camera

Washington last week banned the import or sale of telecommunications and video equipment from several brands that sell products publicly in Australia.

Then there’s TikTok, the Chinese-owned Gen Z app and platform that now has 1.5 billion monthly active users. US Republican Mike Gallagher wants it banned as “our children’s digital fentanyl addiction.”

The Chinese claim that the USA is weaponizing trade through unilateral sanctions, tariffs and embargoes.

They claim that Meta’s actions in Myanmar deserve as much scrutiny as TikTok’s impact on Americans.

If retailers decide to stop selling Eufy cameras, they can always increase the supply from Australian company Swann or Brilliant.

These are Melbourne-based companies whose Australian management has developed a wide range of products similar to what Eufy sells in Australia.

The Eufy range can be easily interchanged with products from these companies as well as those of Arlo or Japan’s proprietary Uniden.

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