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Open HarmonyOS OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 4 released

New Niobe Northern app lab group recently qualified for the OpenHarmony eligibility test. The latest inputs reveal that this new laboratory suite is a highly effective solution for the educational sectors and provides a cohesive learning experience.

For your information, the latest application lab group is derived from Hunan Kaihong Zhigu Digital Industry. So far, a variety of Kaihong cooperation products have passed OpenHarmony verification. Now the company has brought a new product to the surface with well thought out features.

As of now, the Niobe northbound application tester group is compatible with the OpenHarmony version 3.1.1 release and has received the corresponding certificate of eligibility.

Speaking of features, the new Experimental Lab suite is based on multi-purpose machine programming. Moreover, it works on four major aspects: smart office, smart agriculture, smart home, and smart transportation.

On the other hand, being a learning solution, the App Lab suite offers 7 major courses and learning materials on board. Along with this, operators will also find 448 hours of video sessions, over 30 demo and related situations.

Niobe Application Lab Suite – a comprehensive learning solution

In addition, Niobe North Application Lab Group is optimizing for the following scenarios:

  • Provides scientific and technological innovation learning
  • New ideas for lesson preparation for teachers
  • It helps in finding the subject of scientific research
  • Provides illustrative examples and real-life examples to improve engagement with the topic
  • Promotes group learning scenarios
  • Provides in-depth learning

Better than traditional teaching programs

Apart from the new facilities, the latest laboratory suite also eliminates many teaching problems. For example, DevEco often results in tedious computing power, time consuming, and insecure connections.

However, Niobe’s application tester suite with OpenHarmony integration provides better performance and communications for users. Moreover, it root out the exact co-op virtual and multiplayer.

As a result, it is able to support high-level languages, application development, operations related to AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and cutting-edge technical services.

Accordingly, it will help in the ease of access to new learning and make educational processes more convenient for both teachers and students.

Niobe OpenHarmony App Lab