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Merging tradition with the latest technology: an interview with the vice president of VERTU Molly

VERTU is a premium telephone company operating with the vision of creating extraordinary products with exquisite craftsmanship by combining high-performance technology, rare materials and concierge services.

In an interview with Molly, Vice President of VERTU, we talk about the vision behind the brand, METAVERTU, the fashion and lifestyle arm of the platform, and much more.

1. Tell us more about VERTU? What is the vision behind creating the brand?

In 1998 Nokia had a vision – to create the world’s first luxury phone. In 2002, VERTU was officially established in England, as the pearl in Nokia’s crown. The phone expressed three core values ​​- beautiful design, aristocratic elegance and connecting people through technology. Brand Vision: “You wouldn’t accept normal in any other area of ​​your life, so why would you do it with one of your most personal possessions?”. The VERTU was the flagship luxury phone, but it was also so much more. By giving users access to a unique concierge service at the push of a sapphire button, it opened a gateway to an elite way of living as well.

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VERTU was born from Nokia and shaped by British culture. It captures the essence of the English language in all its unique charm. For example, British culture has always embraced both the traditional and the sophisticated. Likewise, VERTU V goes in two directions – one pointing to the past and the other to the future.

Past is VERTU’s commitment to timeless quality. The future is VERTU’s passion for innovation, which is why we’ve stayed true to the Signature Series’ satisfying tactile button style. This is also why we embraced flexible screens and 5G foldable phones. VERTU is a classic and not outdated brand. 24 years later, we’re always innovating, yet always familiar.

2. WHAT IS METAVERTU? What features make it stand out from others in the market?

Web3 is a concept on fire in 2022. From Bitcoin, blockchain, mining and DeFi, to BAYC, BORED APE YACHT CLUB selling millions. Web3 is an industry that is breaking people’s ingrained perceptions of the Internet, and with millions of DApps comparable to the Apple ecosystem starting to take shape, that means Web3 mobile is full of opportunities.

We define METAVERTU as the underlying build of Web 3, it will enable the gateway to the world of crypto, have the potential to impact the entire mobile environment – we define METAVERTU as the infrastructure of Web 3, empower users with a gateway to the world of crypto, it has the potential to impact over the entire mobile environment – and even the Internet as a whole.

Because we all know that the application layer is software, has limitations in both security and speed, without improving the hardware capability, it will not have much performance improvement. As we all know, the application layer of the software has limitations on both security and speed. Without improving hardware capabilities, we cannot reach a significant improvement in performance.

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That’s why VERTU created METAVERTU. We have the right to choose which chip can be embedded in the phone, and we can modify and test the hardware to reach maximum efficiency. We believe that METAVERTU can be used as a smart terminal gateway that opens the door to the world of Web 3.0, which is also why METAVERTU stands out from others in the market.

3. How does METAVERTU help users become part of the Web3 ecosystem?

VERTU cares about people, and we want to start a revolution to break the digital dominance that the internet giants have long had a monopoly on. This leads to web3’s new core value: data governance for the people, by the people, and for the people. Our mission is to seamlessly bring people into the world of Web 3.0, and let them enjoy the security that comes with their own digital sovereignty.

With METAVERTU, each smart device can become a node of the blockchain, building Web3-based behavioral value and returning user rights to the individual. With this game-changing phone, every user will have a new and unique identity with complete anonymity and security. Using technologies such as blockchain, AI, big data, and I0TB storage space, all user data and property will be under their sole control.

We’re really focused on simplifying the web3 ecosystem, and we do that in three ways. First, METAVERTU’s Metaspace gives you the ability to switch between web2.0 and web 3.0 with just one click, and this space has been encrypted to secure it against hacking.

Second, we layered web3 dapps in metaspace and used a clear navigation system so users can easily find what they’re looking for. Last but not least, we offer our users a one-on-one advisory service, so if they have any questions, they can contact a member of our strong advisory team directly.

4. Talk to us about the lifestyle and fashion pavilion at VERTU?

VERTU started as a dream of Italian-American phone designer, Frank Novo. He felt there was a market for a premium high-end phone—one that would inspire everyone who held it. When he pitched his idea to Nokia, they had their doubts. But in the end, they couldn’t resist seeing Frank. VERTU was born. He claims that the V-shape represents life’s ups and downs, its peaks and troughs. The VERTU user is not afraid of these challenges – they simply turn them into their next success.

For the fashion aspect, VERTU was born in London, and British culture is the lifeblood of VERTU. It inspires us to create classic English fashion styles and also collaborate with talented designers. The famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race is a work of literature inspired by the Thames, such as The Wind in the Willows, this majestic river giving life to Britain. That’s why VERTU engineer Mark Darkin worked so hard to carve an image of the river onto the back of the Signature Series. Also, the joint brand with Bently, Hiroko Imada and Ferrari expresses the pursuit of various fashion styles of VERTU.

VERTU’s aesthetic designs stem from British culture, which is the lifeblood of our London-born brand, which inspires us to create classic English fashion styles and collaborate with talented designers. The River Thames is an iconic part of London, which is why VERTU architect Mark Darkin put his heart into painting a portrait of it on the back of his Signature Series.

5. What is Metaspace? What makes it special?

We know that Web3 migration won’t happen overnight, but METAVERTU has a simple and seamless soft switch, that allows users to switch between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 modes. THIS IS OUR METASPACE This dual-function system enables access to the everyday use of Web2, as well as the more innovative Web3.0. This means that you can use your applications as normal while having the ability to enter the world of Web 3.0 with just one click.

METAVERTU has a luxurious Web 2.0 operating system, which provides ten exclusive system interfaces, and from the lock screen to the icon, your personal calendar integrates with your entire phone experience.

6. What lies ahead on the VERTU roadmap? Are there any partnerships or collaborations we can look forward to in the near future?

Hence, we will have the next few steps to enhance visibility: First, we will build a NAS that builds a private cloud, IPFS storage server + router + VPN + Ethereum full node. 60% completed, expected to be completed in January 2023; The second is to build the VAAS platform.

In this platform, the developer center aims to reduce difficulty and cost. This project has completed 30% and is expected to be completed in March 2023. Third, the staking platform building. By owning this platform, mobile users will be better at participating in Ethereum 2.0. We will also inject $50 million to build the web3 mobile ecosystem to help more DAOs grow.

Our next few steps are to enhance our vision. First, we will build a NAS, our own cloud system, with an IPFS storage server + router + VPN + a full Ethereum node. We’re 60% of the way through and expect to finish in January 2023. Second, we’re building our VAAS platform, the developer hub aims to reduce difficulty and cost.

This project is 30% complete and is expected to be completed in March 2023. Third we will build our own staking platform. By owning this platform, users will be able to better participate in Ethereum 2.0. We will also allocate $50 million to fund the growth of the web3 mobile ecosystem, to help more DAOs grow.

Our vision in the future will be: mobile phones should be the entry point into the web3 world, helping to promote the comprehensive replacement of ios and google play by Blockchain Ecology. We define ourselves as a web3 portal, platform and creator, we also raise money in our forum called VERTU REPUBLIC, and we want the entire ecosystem to grow. We’ve talked to some public blockchains and gaming platforms, and they’ve shown great interest in the collaboration, so they’ll have some announcements in the future.

Our vision for the future sees mobile phones as the main entry point into the world of web3, helping to promote the universal replacement of iOS and Google Play, through the Blockchain Ecology. We define ourselves as a web 3 portal, platform and builder, and we fund our platform, Republic of VERTU, to help the entire ecosystem grow. We have had conversations with public blockchain and game-fi platforms that show interest in the collaboration, and we will be making announcements in the near future.

7. Community engagement is an important part of any platform. What steps are you taking to ensure your user base stays engaged?

To make sure that VERTU keeps our user base engaged, especially web3 users of METAVERTU, we put a lot of effort into creating a community with web3 interest. We have created many popular social groups on different platforms, such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and our own social community tool “VTALK”, With VTALK, people in our community have the freedom to choose which group they want to participate in.

As each platform has its own characteristics, we create different contents and activities in those accounts such as whitelist issuance, on-chain data analysis, DeFi reports, airdrop calendar, etc., which resonate with our readers to enhance the interaction between METAVERTU and users. . We also hold offline events in many cities and venues.

To ensure that the user base of VERTU and the web3 users of METAVERTU remain engaged, we strive to develop a broad and connected web3 community. We’ve created several popular social groups on a variety of platforms, such as Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, and we have our own social community tool, VTALK. With VTALK, people in our community have the freedom to choose which groups they want to participate in.

Since each platform has its own characteristics, we create different content and activities for it, such as issuing whitelists, on-chain data analysis reports, DeFi reports, drop schedules, etc., to resonate with our readers and strengthen their connection with METAVERTU. We also hold offline events in many cities.

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