Crosscall releases a rugged feature phone

Crosscall, the French manufacturer of rugged phones and tablets, has launched new mobiles in the smartphone and smartphone space, which come with a 3-year warranty for a more repairable phone experience.

Its latest feature phone, the Core-S4, is a hybrid between a basic phone and a smartphone: it integrates the KaiOS operating system, which allows access to applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook, without having to drain the smartphone’s battery. Equipped with Crosscall’s magnetic X-LINK technology, the device is compatible with all accessories developed by the brand.

It wouldn’t be a Crosscall if it didn’t have the ruggedness to back it up, which is why it features a 2300mAh battery and IP68 certification to help it withstand bumps and drops. It’s also waterproof in fresh, salt, and chlorinated water, as well as dust-proof. On the connectivity side, it has VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and VoWi-Fi (Voice over Wi-Fi) technologies to keep it connected in various situations where the phone network service might be limited.

The Crosscall Core-S4 is now available for R2,499 from Kemtek.

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