Kitchen gadgets for Christmas buying guide

7 kitchen gadgets to simplify Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner you can say Definitely the best meal of the year. However, it is not entirely convenient to cook. There are a million and one things to roast, bake, boil, flame, braise, and braise. And after all that work, the vegetables are usually soggy, the turkey blackened and the pre-written cooking times on the stone are tossed away under the pressure of intense pressure.

But Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be the ultimate test of human endurance. There’s a better way with our selection of must-haves to simplify Christmas dinner. Trust us, you deserve better.

Instant Pot Pro Plus at Amazon
Lenovo Smart Clock 2 at Currys

Thermapen Classic at Amazon
Move on Amazon
Japanese mandolin at Sous Chef

Kenwood Autograph Collection
Coolskin 375 GTX at Amazon

Best for Multitasking: Instant Pot Pro Plus: £170

Instant Pot Pro Plus lifestyle

The Instant Pot Pro Plus is a 10-in-one plug-in for all trades, and it’s a master of most of them. It’s a pressure cooker, a steamer, a rice maker, a yogurt maker, a warmer, a sauté, and maybe some other things we haven’t figured out yet. The Instant Pot Pro Plus is wirelessly controlled with the Instant Brands Connect app. Open the app, choose one of over 800 recipes and the app will program the pot to cook just what you want to perfection – all hands-free. Yes, that includes crispy roast potatoes and slow-cooked meat, perfect for cooking out of the way.

Best for timing: Lenovo Smart Clock 2: £26

Best Christmas dinner cooking

For the Christmas Day chef who simply can’t get their times right, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 with Google Assistant is the tool for you. Several reminders and alarms can be set using your voice, the 4-inch LED display is easy to read, and it doubles as a night light and charging unit. As a bonus, three 3W front-facing speakers let you listen to music while you’re cooking and happily ignore family members arguing in the living room.

Best for temperatures: Thermapen Classic: £48

Thermapen classic

There are a number of smart thermometers that will give you a perfectly cooked Christmas roast (or summer roast). MEATER is a smart wireless meat thermometer that tells you when your food is cooked to perfection via an app. But, at £99, MEATER is far too expensive for a relatively simple task. Not all things have to be “smart” either. For something more modest, the Thermapen Classic does everything a thermometer needs – namely, to measure the temperature accurately – for a reasonable £48. The Thermapen Classic is ultra-rugged, takes the temperature within three seconds with an accuracy of ±0.4° and is waterproof for easy cleaning. what do you want more?

Best for gravy: Stirr: £25

Christmas moving tool

üutensil may look like a piece of Swedish furniture, but üutensil is a British company that makes a full line of smart, affordable kitchen appliances. Take Spudnik for example, the rotary potato masher that should be in the kitchens of everyone who knows mashed potatoes. he is Traditional at the Christmas dinner table. Our favorite though is the Stirr, a battery-powered device that spins and stirs your sauces and gravies that is heat resistant up to 120 degrees.

Best for slicing: Japanese mandoline: £40

Sous Chef's Kitchen Mandolin

Japanese metal doesn’t have to break the bank. This Japanese mandoline from Sous Chef will chop vegetables and make perfectly tender potatoes for a dauphine for £40. The mandoline from Sous Chef comes with three types of blades for all types of vegetable cutting. The fine tooth blade is for slicing fruits and salads. The medium teeth are great for shredding carrots and cabbage (and great for homemade kimchi). The larger blade works well for tougher vegetables, too. Be sure to use a cut resistant glove to protect your digits.

Best for Baking: Kenwood Autograph Collection: from £45

Kenwood autograph food processor

If you’re really pushing the boat out this Christmas by making your own candy, rather than panic buying cheesecake on Christmas Eve, a Kenwood Autograph set will be your best friend this holiday season.

The three-piece set includes a stand mixer, multi-purpose food processor, and electric hand mixer, and is finished in matte black and stainless steel. The £45 Autograph Collection QuickMix+ with 650W is an egg whisk powerhouse, while the MultiPro XL Weigh+ food processor (£200) combines the weight in the bowl and the cooking. The Titanium Chef Baker Stand Mixer (£600) has nesting 3.5L and 5L bowls and four stainless steel bakeware. Everything is dishwasher safe, too, which makes cleanup headache-free after dinner.

Best for avoiding burns: Coolskin 375 GTX: £27

Cold leather thermal gloves

Everyone has at least one war story from Christmas dinner, with real scars to prove it. When there’s pandemonium in the kitchen, it’s easy to burn yourself on a neglected baking sheet or hot skillet, so we suggest investing in a pair of Coolskin 375 GTX Industrial Oven Mitts. Coolskin 375 GTX gloves are made of flame retardant aramid fiber that can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees. Additional wrist protection provides some additional safety, although the gloves are not resistant to steam or hot liquid spills. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing either, looking more suitable for a construction site than a kitchen, but the Coolskin 375 GTX offers quality protection for a roast dinner at a reasonable price.