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5 reasons why the Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 should be on everyone’s Christmas bucket list

Loved by music professionals, audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts the world over, legendary British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins is dedicated to giving customers’ ears a treat this year: the gift of True Sound.

Designed and engineered to deliver music exactly as the artist intended it, Bowers & Wilkins’ Px7 S2 wireless headphones are a gift any music lover would be happy to find on top of their Christmas stock. Pull up a comfy chair, light a fire and sip a hot cup of something warm, because we’re about to give you five reasons why these on-ear cans are the tastiest gift you can give (or receive) this year.

1. They serve real sound

Bowers & Wilkins True Sound

First things first: The Px7 S2 is designed to sound and sound absolutely stunning – and to do true justice to the pristine recording of everything you listen to.

The headphones are based on brand-new, custom-engineered 40mm driver units that are ingeniously engineered for sonic fidelity and angled within their respective earcups in order to maintain a consistent distance between the driver’s surface and the wearer’s ears.

the influence? These headphones deliver the most realistic and immersive listening experience you can imagine – outside of the studio when the artist was “laying” the track.

2. They kill outside noise

Bowers & Wilkins True Sound

An additional reason for the Px7 S2 headphones? They come with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), with six microphones; Two of which detect unwanted external sound and Cancel it without affecting the musicality of the performance. From long flights to short bus trips to crowded offices, any environment can be instantly transformed into a soothing bubble of calm and serenity through the Px7 S2’s sonic magic. It’s the perfect blank sheet for playing great music.

A button on the left earcup toggles the ANC modes between on, off, and transparent—the latter being perfect for those times when you might need to hear the likes of train announcements through your music. The Px7 S2 is smart enough to know what noise to allow in and what noise to turn off.

3. They have great stamina

Px7 S2 has a high capacity battery that works continuously. A full charge will give you 30 hours of listening time with noise cancellation, which should get you through the other side of all but the longest trips. If you need to charge the battery, a quick 15-minute charge via the Px7 S2’s USB-C cable will give it another seven hours of use.

4. It’s a wireless wonderland

Bowers & Wilkins True Sound

While you can listen via cable, the Px7 S2 is designed with wireless streaming in mind. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.2 and support a wide range of wireless codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, and aptX Adaptive. This means you get support for high-quality music streaming, with aptX HD enabling 24-bit high-resolution audio from a compatible device.

The headphones also play well with the Bowers & Wilkins music app, which means you only need to pull out your smartphone to tweak the EQ settings, making subtle adjustments to bass and treble in order to customize the sound performance to your requirements. The Music app also allows you to stream from many of the most popular high-quality streaming services, radio stations, and podcasts directly from the app. You can also browse and get brand suggested playlists


Bowers & Wilkins True Sound

In addition to its great sound, the Px7 S2 is designed to impress. Available in a choice of black, blue, and gray finishes and partially covered in stylish, moisture-wicking fabric, they’re outfitted with memory foam ear cushions that maintain the comfort you’ve come to love even during long listening sessions.

So there you have it: five ways Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 makes the perfect Christmas gift for the music lover in your life. We can’t promise that it will make hearing Slade for the millionth time more bearable, but we can promise that it will deliver the tune in your ears just as Noddy Holder intended. Merry Christmas!