Telefonica in Spain strikes deal with unions for 2700 voluntary job losses

Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica is bringing package and mobile phone prices up from New Year’s Eve

Telefonica, the largest telecommunications provider in Spain, is raising its rates from January 13, 2023.

The company offers tariffs on all Movistar fiber and mobile internet packages for millions of customers including pay TV services.

The average rise is 6.8% with its high-end packages going up to €13 per month.

Customers have already received notification letters and the only unchanged prices will be Telefonica’s low-cost O2 brand rates.

Telefonica says the increases are due to increased costs and service “improvements”.

Price increases in recent years have always been accompanied by new features like faster fiber internet speeds or increased mobile phone history storage — but this time it didn’t.

Other telecom companies are following suit in raising tariffs.

Vodafone will increase prices in the new year based on the consumer price index, but the exact prices have not been announced.

MasMovil has also indicated that spikes are on the way but claims that less than 20% of its 15.2 million subscribers will be affected – mainly second mobile line subscribers.

The only provider nationwide that does not release prices is Digi which is currently the fastest growing telecom operator in Spain due to its low tariffs.

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