Select OnePlus phones to get four major Android updates

Android smartphones are known for offering all the cool and new features but they are also known for their unreliable software support. Many OEMs have tried to improve this aspect such as Samsung promising four years of software upgrades. OnePlus is now the latest Android smartphone maker to announce something similar.

At a roundtable event held in London, OnePlus confirmed its plans to deliver four years of major Android upgrades and five years of security updates. This applies to select models starting in 2023 but nothing else has been shared. This means that we do not know which OnePlus smartphones will be eligible for the new update roadmap. It’s safe to assume that at least the newer OnePlus phones will be part of the list of supported devices.

Gary Chen, Head of Product for OnePlus and Oppo operating systems, revealed that bi-monthly security updates will be released. This is not a perfect rollout plan but if something is better than nothing. However, this brings us to the question about the release frequency of major OS upgrades. The company hasn’t provided any details yet, but it wouldn’t make much sense if it ended up taking a lot of time to release the latest Android version available.

As of now, OnePlus provides three years of OS upgrades and four years of security updates for devices up to the OnePlus 8 series. Software update for two years and security patches for three years for devices launched before the OnePlus 8 series. If you have a Nord series phone, it will be This is for a year and three years in a row.