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Samsung Electronics has announced its 2022 Supplier List

Samsung Electronics recently announced its list of suppliers for 2022, with optical lens manufacturer Sunny Optical adding to the list. Furthermore, the BOE of China is notably missing from the list, marking a change in the relationship between Samsung and its suppliers.

According to a report from Korea electricity , Sunny Optical’s revenue from lenses and camera modules used in Samsung smartphones continued to increase. For Samsung, the Sunny units provide great vertical integration. The market estimates that Sunny will provide the two rear camera modules for Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is scheduled to be launched in 2023.

Sunny’s increased supply share also gives Samsung pricing leverage against Taiwan’s Largan Precision (lens module) and other domestic/foreign suppliers (camera module).

On the other hand, although Samsung still lists the BOE as a panel supplier in its Q3 2022 financial report, the BOE is notably absent from the list of suppliers for 2022. The reason is expected to be related to the reduction in sales of Samsung TV panels from BOE.

Industry sources indicated that although BOE supplies panels for Samsung TVs and phones, it denied Samsung’s request to pay a royalty fee in connection with the use of Samsung’s name in BOE advertising during the first half of 2022. Since this dispute, Samsung has reduced its LCD purchases. from BOE and instead placed orders with LG Display and TCL CSOT, in which Samsung Display (SDC) is a shareholder.

Another notable change to Samsung’s 2022 supplier list is the removal of Japan’s Alps Electric, Nitto Denko, and Rohm. Additions include Semes, a subsidiary of SDC, as well as subsidiaries of Samsung Hansol Technics Group, KH Vatec and Simmtech. KH Vatec provides hinges for foldable phones while Simmtech produces semiconductor substrates.

When Korean camera component maker Jahwa Electronics entered Apple’s supply chain, there was speculation that it would be difficult for Jahwa to maintain its partnership with Samsung after that. In the end, Jahwa still got the Samsung Galaxy S23 order and will supply the optical image stabilization (OIS) drivers for the phone.

electricity He indicated that Samsung’s 2022 supplier list only includes suppliers that account for 80% of purchases for a specific component and also agreed to be on the list. It is up to the suppliers and Samsung to decide whether or not to announce their partnership. Additionally, this list should be verified by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).