Microsoft may offer a new Surface Duo Insider Program for Android beta users

Microsoft may offer a new Surface Duo Insider Program for Android beta users

Microsoft Offers in-house software for multiple platforms including – Windows, Office, and X-Box And the skype. The Redmond-based tech giant is allowing access to beta versions of software to users who have signed up for these internal programs. In return, the company asks these users to provide feedback that can help it improve its products. Among these programmes, Windows Insider Program It is the largest group with more than 10 million participants. Microsoft has also rolled out several major updates to Windows over the past few years through Windows Insider program. However, Microsoft Surface Duo Foldable smartphones that work android You don’t have a separate Insider program. This may change soon as references to “Surface Insider ProgramSpotted in the latest Android update for Surface Duo.

The company recently rolled out the Android 12L update for its Surface Duo devices which also introduced the Microsoft Fluent design language to the Android operating system. This new update has better aligned the Android operating system with the interface in Windows 11.

Surface Insider Program: How it came about
According to a report by WindowsCentral, a Twitter user named Gustave Mance shared a tweet with a screenshot revealing references to the “Surface Insider Program” spotted in the latest Android update for the Surface Duo.
The screenshot reveals several references to Microsoft developing internal software designed specifically for Surface Duo devices. For example, a page has been added to the Settings app that will allow users to choose between different preview “episodes” when they become fully operational. Microsoft also allows users who are part of the Windows and Xbox Insider programs to do the same.

The report states that the feature also appears to be associated with “feature tags,” which are similar to the A/B testing that Microsoft does on Windows. A company can turn experimental features on or off either remotely or locally using these Feature Flags.

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Surface Insider Program: What matters
The Surface Insider Program will help Microsoft release preview builds of Android including experimental features and functions before they are officially released. Other brands like Samsung And the OnePlus Also allowing their users to do the same. The Insider Program will allow interested users to get access to the latest version of Android on their Surface Duo much sooner.

According to the report, this feature is only designed for engineers to use internally. However, it has been reported that Microsoft has been planning to offer a generic Surface Duo insider program for some time now

Apart from this, the company is also working on several upcoming features including a new cloud-based Continuum mode, the ability to take notes with the Surface Pen on the lock screen, and one-handed mode.