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[Interview] How Samsung Art Platforms Promote Diversity and Inclusion Through Design Collaboration – Samsung Global Newsroom

Boldly drawn lines and bright colors in artwork can catch a person’s attention. As the viewer interacts with the artwork, they are able to see through the artist’s eyes and get a glimpse of their unique perspective.

The artwork below was created in collaboration with the in-house designers of KIMUSTUDIO (KIMU), an organization that breaks down societal barriers through content. Specialty Designers are a team of designers with developmental disabilities who work to create unique and captivating artwork for the world.

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Now, their artwork can be seen on a variety of Samsung Electronics’ art platforms. Samsung and KIMUSTUDIO have come together to unveil a new special project with the goal of bringing KIMU’s unique aesthetic pieces and values ​​into consumers’ everyday lives. To learn more about the Drawing Diversity project, Samsung Newsroom caught up with project members and learned about the team and how this collaboration came together.

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▲ (From left) KIMUSTUDIO CEO Jang-Won Nam, Director Ran Hur, Designer Taegyu Lee, Designer ByungHun Song, Yeonji Chee, Bora Kim at Samsung’s Corporate Sustainability Center in front of KIMU Atelier located in Seongsu district, Seoul .

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Art Platform Contents: Consuming art simply increases D&I value

“We’ve thought long and hard about what Samsung consumers can do in their everyday lives to join us in making a better future,” said Bora Kim of the Corporate Sustainability Center, which planned the Diversity Mapping project. She explained, “We believed that if we can maintain the values ​​of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in our products and services, then our consumers will be able to naturally participate in the consumption and dissemination of these values.”

“At KIMUSTUDIO, all members complement each other and are assigned roles that utilize their talents and strengths,” said Yeonji Chee of the Corporate Sustainability Center when explaining how the collaboration with KIMUSTUDIO began. “KIMUSTUDIO does not offer unilateral assistance, but instead encourages everyone to accept who they are and unleash their talents. Creating works of art in this way coincided with our vision of creating a sustainable future through collaboration and mutual growth with various employees, partners and stakeholders.”

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▲ Yeonji Chee (left) and Bora Kim (right) from Samsung’s Corporate Sustainability Center planned a technical platform project with KIMUSTUDIO.

“When it comes to this collaboration, we can’t help but mention the quality of KimoStudio’s artwork,” Chi said. “First of all, we were mesmerized by the distinctive artwork that is unique to KIMUSTUDIO. Not only did I personally love the bright colors and charming style of the artwork, but their quality was also great and suitable to be offered to our customers through Samsung Art Pads.”

“KIMU’s artwork shatters the stereotypes that previously created prejudice in art. Instead, they help us bring new perspectives on the differences between people,” Kim said. “We wanted to share KIMU’s artwork, which seamlessly integrates art and D&I values, with consumers through Samsung products and services.

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When consumers purchase artwork of private designers on Samsung’s art platforms, a portion of the proceeds is immediately shared with KIMU. In this way, consumers can participate in the promotion of D&I values ​​in their daily lives while appreciating the beautiful artwork of KIMU.

Sharing the value of diversity with the wider world

KIMU’s artworks are created through the collaboration of many individuals. Special stylists and other team members work together by utilizing their unique artistic talents, including drawing, coloring, designing, and more. A total of 16 KIMU designers worked together on Samsung’s graphic diversity project.

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▲ KIMUSTUDIO’s own designers work with other team members to create works of art.

However, displaying artwork through art platforms is different from displaying artwork in galleries, which is the platform with which KIMU was most familiar. The role of the electronic devices that display the artwork and the characteristics of those products, such as where they are usually placed, must also be considered. In addition, those involved in the project needed to consider how televisions, smartphones, and refrigerators would be used throughout the viewers’ daily lives.

“We have curated different styles of artworks keeping in mind the unique features of Samsung’s art platforms, which make artworks easily accessible in people’s daily lives,” said KIMUSTUDIO CEO Jang-Won Nam. “How we create art has varied from our existing artwork and we have created new styles, scenery and art objects based on the projects we have been working on. As a result, we have created artwork that is more artistic and offers a new aura.”

The usually square-shaped artwork has been modified to specific device sizes, and various new styles, designs, and themes have also been created. In addition, the artwork displayed on the refrigerators usually contains nature and animals, which gives the impression that the kitchen and the outdoor space are connected and creates a more spacious atmosphere inside the house.

“For the Bespoke Atelier and Art Store, we thought of artwork that would go with design elements, such as the unique colors and shapes of the appliances,” said Hoare. “For Galaxy themes, which users interact with on a daily basis on their smartphones, we focused on creating trendy colors or patterns to suit users’ preferences.”

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▲ Designers ByungHun Song (left) and Taegyu Lee (right) are special designers from KIMUSTUDIO who participated in the Samsung Art Platform project.

Although the platform for displaying artwork has changed, the project has made an effort to maintain the unique atmosphere of KIMU. Special designers Taegyu Lee and ByungHun Song participated in the project and detailed the process of creating the artwork. “We tried to draw something we love in a unique way and that process was fun,” said the designers.

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▲ KIMUSTUDIO CEO Jang-Won Nam (left) and Bridge Ran Hur team manager (right)

said Ran Hor, director of KIMU’s Bridge Team, which is responsible for hiring private designers for partnerships. “We hope that KIMU’s artwork will have a positive impact and help KIMU move closer to its goal of breaking down barriers through content.”

Samsung technical platforms highlight the value of D&I in various places

Three business divisions of Samsung participated in this collaborative project, making this collaboration a new challenge for KIMU.

“The direction and value each platform was seeking was clear, so figuring out the best way to develop it was an interesting and valuable experience.” Nam CEO said.

The managers of each business department responsible for displaying KIMU’s artwork also gave their views on the project.

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How working together to create content is breaking down barriers in the world

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“KIMU, where own designers and other team members play an integral role in content creation, shows what D&I is all about,” said Bora Kim.

“With this project, I hope we can also consider D&I values ​​and sustainability when planning other services,” Chi said. “I also hope that we can continue to expand the diversity of creators who provide content for Samsung’s various services, as well as its artistic platforms.”

D&I values ​​are present in all of KIMU’s artwork. “This project with Samsung has been special and valuable to each and every one of us,” said CEO Nam. “I am overwhelmed with joy to have this opportunity to showcase the talents of our designers through their artwork, allowing D&I values ​​to be communicated and recognized around the world. I hope KIMU’s halo and stories resonate well with viewers through art platforms.”