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Change your Android settings now to prevent your smartphone from leaking too much personal information

ANDROID users are urged to change their device settings to protect their personal information.

More than 25 million Android users rely on the popular password manager LastPass.

Android users are urged to change their device settings in order to protect their personal information


Android users are urged to change their device settings in order to protect their personal informationCredit: Getty Images – Getty

However, the program does track pretty hard on mobile users — more than any other leading password manager.

As of today, Exodus Privacy reports that LastPass has five trackers and allows 33 permissions.

Most LastPass trackers, like the ones made by Google, are meant to monitor performance and crashes.

But at least two trackers, including AppsFlyer and Segment, share user data with third parties.

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“For an application that handles highly sensitive (password) data, this is just an indictment,” Mike Kuketz of IT security firm Kuketz previously wrote in a translated German blog post.

“Ads and analytics modules simply have no place in this – it’s not entirely out of the question to integrate them into password manager applications.”

And this is the case with most applications on an Android user’s device, such as social media platforms.

However, as privacy concerns continue to grow, some users would like to prevent apps from being tracked. Here’s how.

Turn on your Android device and tap on the Settings app, select Apps & notifications, and choose an app.

Tap Permissions, then select the three-dot icon in the top-right corner.

Next, tap on All Permissions, scroll down to Location and turn it on or off.

Users also have the option to completely turn off the location tracking of their Android device.

To do this, head to the main screen of the Settings app and tap Security & location.

Once there, scroll down to Privacy, and select Location.

There, you can turn off Use Location to turn it off completely, though this can cause issues with some apps and system services.