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Apple Stores around the world are turning (RED) on World AIDS Day

51694 102426 000 lead Product Red

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On the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1st, hundreds of Apple Store (PRODUCT) RED stores add windows and product displays, and Apple online promotes related books, apps and videos.

Apple has worked with (RED) to support the efforts of the Global Fund to End AIDS since 2006. A portion of the profits from premium red versions of Apple products go to the Fund.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2022, Apple announced that grants supported by Apple amounted to more than a quarter of a billion dollars. It’s not clear what proportion of that amount is directly from Apple, but the company says the grants have now supported more than 11 million people.

More than 197 million HIV tests have been distributed, and more than five million HIV-positive mothers have been helped prevent transmission of the virus to their children.

“For the past 16 years, Apple and its customers have been part of the global fight to end AIDS,” Apple says in a statement.

“Apple’s partnership with (RED) supports the Global Fund, which provides access to health care services to millions of people in the neediest communities in sub-Saharan Africa,” it continues, “including important work in rural communities, and support for pregnant women and their families.”

The company says, “In honor of World AIDS Day, Apple is offering new ways for customers to continue to support the Global Fund, raise awareness, and learn more about the fight to end HIV/AIDS.”

  • The App Store is promoting Preppy, a pre-exposure prevention tracker
  • Apple Books features curated collections of nonfiction and nonfiction about AIDS
  • The Watch Now tab on Apple TV includes a collection of related shows
  • Apple Music features its own collection of music and radio programs

Separately, Apple announced in January 2022 that half of the proceeds from (PRODUCT)RED for the full year will go to the Global Fund.